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Ryszard Kapuściński
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was it like living in Vorkuta?
(a) It was tough, but worth it for the benefits.
(b) People felt like it was a privilege.
(c) Life was easy.
(d) It was horrific.

2. What is Magadan like?
(a) It's very wealthy.
(b) It filled with hard workers who are edging into the upper middle class.
(c) The citizens have a strong local government.
(d) It's filled with extreme poverty.

3. When the author arrived in his hometown of Pinks, who did he find in church?
(a) His parents
(b) His best from childhood
(c) Some of his parent's students, fifty years older
(d) His cousins

4. What does Ryszard think of the news at the meeting?
(a) He has reservations abo0ut their decision.
(b) He knows it is false.
(c) He thinks they are developing a good business strategy.
(d) He is excited for the miners.

5. Why does Ryszard want to visit Nagorno-Karabakh?
(a) It is a small island of Christians who are to be exterminated and replaced by Islamic fundamentalists.
(b) It is a small island of Muslims who are to be exterminated and replaced by Christian fundamentalists.
(c) It's a prison camp.
(d) It's a thriving culture in a poverty-stricken nation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What play does Rsyzard to to see?

2. What is the status of the Red Army?

3. How did the people of Baku react to the idea of freedom of thought?

4. What is Yakutsk known for?

5. How do the people in Moscow feel about the Imperium?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what happened in Ufa.

2. Describe Magadan.

3. Describe the hotel atmosphere in Yakutsk.

4. What was a main problem that people faced with the cotton fields?

5. What did the actor in the play say about Russia and the October Revolution?

6. Describe Ryszard's observation on the Nationalist.

7. Describe the landscape of the republics in Central Asia.

8. How did the mafia arise in Russia?

9. What happened to the churches in Russia?

10. Describe the feelings the elite in Moscow had for the Imperium.

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