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Ryszard Kapuściński
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the status of the Red Army?
(a) The Red Army is stronger than ever.
(b) The Red Army is in terrible shape.
(c) The Red Army is struggling but gradually gaining power.
(d) The Red Army is nonexistent.

2. How did the people of Baku react to the idea of freedom of thought?
(a) They expected freedom of thought.
(b) They felt that freedom of thought would lead to rebellion.
(c) They didn't know what freedom of thought was.
(d) They were regularly punished for expressing freedom of thought.

3. What did Rsyzard's third contact think of the rulers in the Kremlin?
(a) She thinks they are trying, but need to develop a better ruling strategy.
(b) She wants to work with them.
(c) She wants to decapitate them.
(d) She feels deeply indebted to them.

4. What did Ryszard like about Baku?
(a) It was built for the people.
(b) It had exquisite views.
(c) It had wonderful transportation options.
(d) It was right on the water.

5. How many people attended the meeting at the Vargashovska mine?
(a) The only attendees were the speakers.
(b) The place was half filled.
(c) The only attendees were the miners.
(d) The hall was filled.

6. How did the play portray the October Revolution?
(a) As a time for great celebration
(b) As a turning point in history
(c) As a mistake
(d) As an international conspiracy against the Russian nation

7. What are the workers told at the meeting?
(a) They are told that they have secured trade relations with the West.
(b) They are told that they are going to each get a raise according to their seniority.
(c) They are told that 1/4 of them are going to lose their jobs.
(d) They are told that they are gong to begin receiving health benefits.

8. What types of illness did the people fight in Muynak?
(a) polio and dysentery
(b) polio and jaundice
(c) Jaundice and dysentery
(d) measles and dysentery

9. Where did prisoners work in Vorkuta?
(a) Cotton fields
(b) Coal mines
(c) Oil fields
(d) Diamond mines

10. What was it like living in Vorkuta?
(a) People felt like it was a privilege.
(b) It was tough, but worth it for the benefits.
(c) Life was easy.
(d) It was horrific.

11. How did the actor feel about the Jews?
(a) He was enraged by them.
(b) He felt a connection to them.
(c) He felt sorry for them.
(d) He loved them.

12. What is Vorkuta known as?
(a) It's known as a holy place of martyrdom.
(b) It's known as a good place for business.
(c) It's known a the happiest place on Earth.
(d) It's known an ideal place to raise a family.

13. What were many of the agreements and disagreements over?
(a) Land boundaries
(b) Educational standards
(c) Who was going to rule
(d) Water

14. According to Shalamov, what is the West built on?
(a) Ruthless subordination
(b) Creative invention
(c) Industry
(d) The army

15. What is the capital of Kolyma?
(a) Moscow
(b) Magadan
(c) Yakutsk
(d) Norilsk

Short Answer Questions

1. What weather did Ryszard encounter when he flew into Vorkuta?

2. What problem did Ufa face?

3. What happened as a result of the pesticides?

4. What did Fiodorov believe was the most important idea in Christianity?

5. An actor sang a hymn about Russia promoting its what?

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