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Ryszard Kapuściński
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did the mafia mentality originate according to the author?
(a) From the fall of the USSR
(b) When the Imperium fell
(c) From the October Revolution
(d) From when the Romanov family was executed

2. What play does Rsyzard to to see?
(a) A Word About Russia
(b) Nijinsky
(c) The Nutcracker Suite
(d) A Doll's House

3. What seems like it will collapse like the USSR?
(a) Communism
(b) The Republic
(c) Democracy
(d) The Russian Federation

4. What did the Imperium bring into Uzbekistan in the 1960s?
(a) Bulldozers
(b) Food
(c) Water tanks
(d) Armies

5. Where did prisoners work in Vorkuta?
(a) Diamond mines
(b) Oil fields
(c) Cotton fields
(d) Coal mines

6. What type of landscape does Central Asia have?
(a) Valley
(b) Desert
(c) Flat
(d) Mountain

7. What did Ryszard like about Baku?
(a) It had exquisite views.
(b) It was built for the people.
(c) It had wonderful transportation options.
(d) It was right on the water.

8. What is Yakutsk known for?
(a) It's full of gold and diamonds.
(b) It's a major cultural center for music and dance.
(c) It has highly productive coal mines.
(d) It is the center of education in Russia.

9. Why couldn't Ryszard tell the story that he tells in Chapter 15 earlier in the book?
(a) He didn't know the ending.
(b) He wanted to double-check his facts.
(c) He needed to get permission to tell the story from the people in it.
(d) He would have endangered those who helped him.

10. What did Ryszard carry with him?
(a) He carried old Armenian chronicles,
(b) He carried the list of contacts stashed in his shoe.
(c) He carried fresh bread.
(d) He carried an important letter of introduction from Galina.

11. What movement is spreading across the land?
(a) Republic
(b) Communist
(c) Nationalist
(d) Democratic

12. What becomes a symbol of sanctuary from oppression in Bashkir?
(a) The music
(b) Churches
(c) Nature
(d) A flower

13. What did Nadiezdha Alliluyeva do in Stalin's old apartment?
(a) She committed suicide.
(b) She decorated it beautifully.
(c) She tore it apart.
(d) She helped him with his political endeavors.

14. What is Ryszard's take on the Red Army?
(a) He speculates that it contains men who engage in impracticable sadism for fun.
(b) He thinks they should focus more on strategies.
(c) He thinks they are too lenient on the soldiers.
(d) He is happy it is gone.

15. What does he feel about the people of Russia?
(a) He is happy many are leaving.
(b) He is angry that many are disappearing, but realizes it might be a good thing.
(c) He is pleased that people have the freedom to make their own choices.
(d) He feels as if they are depopulated and wants them to return.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is ironic about Zalozhnaya?

2. How did the people of Baku react to the idea of freedom of thought?

3. Why does Ryszard want to visit Nagorno-Karabakh?

4. What are the people like in the hotel?

5. What was the irony of the churches?

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