Imperium Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ryszard Kapuściński
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Part I, First Encounters, Chapter 1, Pinsk, '39'

• War breaks out

• Ryszard and his mother and sister are captured by the Soviets

• Ryszard studies Russian and Leninism in school

• Ryszard sees people getting deported
• Ryszard's father visits them while on the run.

• Classmates begin to get deported
• Buildings get destroyed

• Food becomes scarce

Part I, First Encounters, Chapter 2, The Trans-Siberian

• Ryszard takes a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway to Moscow.

• Soldiers search the travelers and take their books.
• Ryszard finds Siberia icy and sinister.

• Ryszard compares Siberia to Northern Canada.

• People don't communicate during the ride.
• Ryszard reflects on the resiliency of the Russian people in harsh conditions.

• The train arrives in Moscow, and they begin to see green.

Part I, First Encounters, Chapter 3, The South, '67

• Ryszard has his thrid encounter with the Imperium in 1967 during an expedition across the seven southern republics of the former USSR...

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