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Herb Gardner
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Objective: Author: As introduction to the study of I'm Not Rappaport, we will begin by examining the playwright, Herb Gardner. Herbert George "Herb" Gardner (December 28, 1934 - September 25, 2003) was an American commercial artist, cartoonist, playwright, and screenwriter. Today's lesson will discuss who he was, his career, and life.

1) Class Discussion: Introduce the play to the class. I'm Not Rappaport was one of the greatest commercial successes of playwright Herb Gardner. It was produced in 1984, moved to Broadway in 1985, and showed for 2 years, earning numerous Tony Awards. Gardner was beyond just a playwright. He was a commercial artist, cartoonist, and screenwriter. Herb Gardner's career was unusual. He zoomed to spectacular early success but then worked very slowly--producing only a handful of plays and scripts over his final 37 years. Gardner's works were all wonderfully witty, although they dealt seriously, intelligently, and movingly with issues such as conformity, ageism, anti-Semitism, crime...

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