I'm Not Rappaport Fun Activities

Herb Gardner
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Collage of Character

Ask students to make a collage from old magazines, newspapers, etc. from the point of view of a character from the play. The collage should represent this character in terms of emotion, clothing, and interests. It can be abstract, but students should be able to explain their choices.

Interview with an Older Citizen

Ask students to go to a local nursing home or speak with one of their grandparents and interview them about their history. Ask questions about family, society, and technological changes. Write a brief paper describing this experience.

Write a Fantasy

Ask students to write their own fantasy, as if they were the character of Nat. Who would they be? A spy? A millionaire? Write the fantasy in one to two pages and turn it in to the class.

Write an Unwritten Scene

Ask students to write a scene that doesn't take place...

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