I'm Not Rappaport Character Descriptions

Herb Gardner
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Midge Carter - This character is eighty years old and works as a superintendent in an apartment building. This character frequently "pretends" to read the newspaper and spends most days in the park.

Clara - This character is the daughter of one of the protagonists, and she worries about her father's mental condition and health.

The Cowboy - This character is a drug dealer who frequents the park bullying a young lady for drug money which she owes.

Peter Danforth - This character is the supervisor of the apartment building where one of the protagonists works, and this character comes to inform one of the protagonists that he is being let go.

Gilley - This character is a sixteen-year-old thug who makes money by forcing old men to pay him a protection fee.

Laurie - This character is a young artist and drug user who comes...

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