I'm Not Rappaport Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Herb Gardner
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Act 1

• The play is set around a bench in Central Park in New York at the edge of the lake by an arch with an overhead walk-bridge. The time is 3:00p.m.

• Nat, an aging white man, converses with Midge, an aging black man, who is reading a newspaper.

• The two men have been friends for only a week, and Nat shares some outlandish stories with Midge, who does not yet know how to discern the fabrications from the truth.

• Today Nat tells Midge that he is an informant for the government, having been selected from all the people in line at the Medicaid office.

• According to the story, Nat will be sent on a mission in the next few years.

• Midge almost falls for the ruse but catches himself in time to avoid any further embarrassment.

• Midge, irritated at being fooled by Nat's tall tales, threatens Nat...

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