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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the benefits of Boomer's drug?
(a) It heals scars and burns.
(b) It heals migraines.
(c) It's cheap.
(d) It has anti-aging properties and energizes the user.

2. What is Eve's experience traveling off planet?
(a) She has never gone off planet before.
(b) She travels to the moon on a regular basis for work reasons.
(c) She has vacationed on Mars and Jupiter.
(d) She used to live on Planet Zaygo.

3. Whose computer does Eve use at the end of Chapter 3 to analyze the blue powder from Boomer's room?
(a) Roarke's unlicensed and illegal one.
(b) Mavis's.
(c) Peabody's office computer.
(d) Leonardo's.

4. What kind of sandwich does Feeney order at Club Zigzag?
(a) The David Cassidy.
(b) The Elvis Presley.
(c) The Mick Jagger.
(d) The Janis Joplin.

5. What does Paul Redford tell Eve about Pandora's drug use?
(a) She only used prescription drugs.
(b) She liked alcohol but no other drugs.
(c) She never used drugs.
(d) She was high on a new drug the night of her murder.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what does Leonardo confess?

2. What is in Roarke's holoroom?

3. Who is responsible for the scratches and bruises on Mavis's face in Chapter 4?

4. What does Eve realize Roarke has done to her at the end of Chapter 7?

5. Who provides the best defense team in the country for Mavis?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the history of Roarke's relationship with Summerset?

2. Why is Eve surprised to find human employees at the Zigzag Club?

3. Explain how intuition affects Eve's investigation of murder cases.

4. In Chapter 3, how does Roarke assist Eve with her investigation of Boomer's murder?

5. How does Eve's session with Dr. Mira leave Eve feeling at the beginning of Chapter 10?

6. What is the function of the droid Eve encounters at Boomer's flophouse at the beginning of Chapter 3?

7. What is Casto's relationship with Eve?

8. Describe Eve's nightmares and why Eve is terrified of facing memories of her childhood.

9. Why does Mavis call Eve in a panic in the middle of the night at the beginning of Chapter 4?

10. What testimony does Leonardo give about the night of Pandora's murder?

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