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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which fellow police officer does Eve request as her assistant in the investigation of Boomer's murder?
(a) Feeney.
(b) Commander Whitney.
(c) Peabody.
(d) Casto.

2. Which of the following statements does not describe Jake Casto?
(a) Wheat-colored hair, tanned face, and bottle-green eyes.
(b) Short and unattractive.
(c) Long, straight nose and sly dimple.
(d) A sun-bleached cowboy.

3. Why has Mavis come to Leonardo's apartment in Chapter 4?
(a) To talk with Leonardo about their relationship.
(b) To kill Leonardo.
(c) To move in with Leonardo.
(d) To spend the night.

4. What is Eve's experience traveling off planet?
(a) She has never gone off planet before.
(b) She used to live on Planet Zaygo.
(c) She has vacationed on Mars and Jupiter.
(d) She travels to the moon on a regular basis for work reasons.

5. What kind of domestic staff does Pandora employ?
(a) Maids and a housekeeper.
(b) Domestic droids.
(c) A housekeeper and a butler.
(d) A housekeeper only.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose parents are Free-Agers?

2. How does Eve identify Pandora's body?

3. Who does Pandora attack after attacking Eve and Leonardo?

4. Which of the following statements does not describe Boomer's room?

5. Where do Eve and Peabody find Jake Casto when they return to the police station after meeting with Dickie Berenski in Chapter 8?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Pandora threaten to do to Leonardo if he doesn't stop seeing Mavis?

2. Why is Officer Feeney so in awe of Justin Young and Jerry Fitzgerald when he and Eve interrogate them in Chapter 6 and how does his beguilement affect the interview?

3. What incidents in Chapter 2 show Eve's competence as a police officer?

4. What data does Dickie Berenski provide about the unknown substance Eve retrieved from Boomer's apartment?

5. Why does Mavis call Eve in a panic in the middle of the night at the beginning of Chapter 4?

6. Explain how Eve uses physical and scientific evidence to corroborate eyewitness testimony.

7. Why does Eve have to treat Mavis with more aggression than a usual suspect?

8. Describe Eve's nightmares and why Eve is terrified of facing memories of her childhood.

9. What do Eve and Peabody find when they search Pandora's house?

10. Why does Eve think that Pandora's murder and Boomer's are linked?

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