Immortal in Death Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Eve Dallas - This character is the main character in J.D. Robb's Immortal series of futuristic detective novels. The character is tough, determined, independent, detail oriented, and dedicated, and suffered horrible physical and sexual abuse as a child.

Roarke - This character owns almost everything in New York City, and is a business broker for many entities, including several off-planet business deals.

Mavis Freestone - This character is the main character's funky friend, accused of murder.

Feeney - This character is the protagonist's computer crimes expert. The character is always somewhat down and seems to look at the bad side of things, but enjoys food, especially pastries, and has learned to take life in stride.

Leonardo - This character is a fashion designer.

Deidre Peabody - This character is the protagonist's assistant officer, and aspires to be a detective.

Jerry Fitzgerald - This character is a...

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