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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To how many friends does Michel confess?
(a) 2.
(b) 1.
(c) 3.
(d) 4.

2. In Part 1, Chapter 8, what does Michel do to the carriage driver?
(a) Yells for him to slow down.
(b) Beats him then throws him to the back of the carriage.
(c) Tips him for safely delivering his wife.
(d) Knocks him out of the carriage and leaves him on the side of the road.

3. In Part 1, Chapter 9, where do Michel and his wife decide to visit before going home?
(a) Normandy and Paris.
(b) Rome and Florence.
(c) Sorrento and London.
(d) Baskra and Tunisia.

4. What happens the night Michel and his wife arrive at the destination they set out for in Part 1, Chapter 8?
(a) They consummate their marriage.
(b) They argue over the carriage incident.
(c) They go shopping.
(d) They entertain small boys in their hotel room.

5. As Michel's health improves he still experiences...
(a) High fevers and chills.
(b) Grief over the loss of his parents.
(c) Restless sleep and sweats.
(d) No desire for his new wife.

Short Answer Questions

1. With his new attitude at the end of Part 1, Chapters 5-7, how does Michel view each day?

2. Which institution offers the job to Michel in Part 1, Chapter 9?

3. Upon accepting the job offered in Part 1, Chapter 9, in which town does Michel decide he and his wife will live?

4. Why does Michel prefer to take his walks alone?

5. In Part 1, Chapter 8, who completes driving the carriage into town?

Short Essay Questions

1. When he was bedridden, Michel appreciated Marceline's attentive care. Now that he's better, he prefers to go for walks without her. Explain why.

2. What is Marceline's role in Michel's life now that he has fully recovered from tuberculosis?

3. Explain why Moktir is Michel's favorite boy.

4. What does Michel begin to notice in his weakened physical condition?

5. How does Michel spend his time on the night Marceline dies?

6. Why does Michel take on a supervisory role when he returns to the family estate?

7. When do Michel and Marceline consummate their marriage? Give an approximate time frame from the date of their marriage.

8. What is ironic about Michel's decision to stay at the family estate while pursuing his academic interests?

9. What does Michel have the barber do and why is he startled with the results?

10. How does the reader know that Michel has no interest initially in the operation of the family estate?

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