Objects & Places from I'm with the Band

Pamela Des Barres
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Now they are referred to as rock bands. In the early Sixties, one would ask one's friends which one was one's favorite.


Those who pursue rock bands.

Rock and roll records

In the Sixties, teens listened to and collected these.

The Sunset Strip

Where Pamela hung out in rock clubs.


Where groupies did their thing with the likes of Jagger and Page.

The Hollywood Bowl

A concert venue in Los Angeles.

Cowboy shirts

Pamela hand sews and embroiders these for her rock and roll lovers.

Bass guitars

Pamela has a preference for these types of musicians.

Turquoise necklace

Jimmy Page gives Pamela this for a present.


Where all those guitarists with British accents come from.


A place where Pamela works dancing for eight cents a dance with lonely men.

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