I'm with the Band Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Pamela Des Barres
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Chapter 1, Let Me Put It In It Feels All Right

• In January, 1964, Pamela makes a list of resolutions. They include getting better grades and not wasting money on trash.

• In August Pamela attends a Beatles concerts with her three Beatles friend. They befriend Jerry Lewis' son and try and get access to the band. However, security throws them out.
• Pamela embarks on a relationship with a boy called Victor Hayden. Her friends are upset because he is not one of them and label Pamela a traitor.

• Victor introduces Pamela to his cousin, Captain Beafheart, the front man of The Magic Band.
• Pam and her friends meet Mick Jagger in a parking lot.

• Pam goes to the Stones' hotel and attempts to attract their attention by knocking on their windows.

Chapter 2, The Time To Hesitate Is Through

• Pamela becomes obsessed with the Byrds' bassist, Chris Hillman. She goes to...

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