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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The book tells Richard that a happy and free life requires that ______ be sacrificed.
(a) Peace
(b) Truth
(c) Monotony
(d) Boredom

2. Shimoda's response to the idea of the answer to #158 being illegal is that no one can stop them from ________ what they want.
(a) Choosing
(b) Flying where and
(c) Doing
(d) Charging

3. Shimoda tests Richard by questioning his value as a part of society when he runs around as a ____________.
(a) Disciple
(b) Rebel
(c) Freeloader
(d) Gypsy pilot

4. The question that a person does have to ask is, "Is this what I really want __________?"
(a) To do
(b) To have
(c) To believe
(d) To hold

5. Shimoda asks: Can they be living in four billion _______________?
(a) Different illusions
(b) Different dreams
(c) Different spaces
(d) Separate worlds

Short Answer Questions

1. Shimoda tries to explain to Richard that __________ does not affect reality.

2. What frightens Richard as he and Shimoda are talking that night?

3. What is the character from the shadow wearing?

4. What does not occur, even though the Fleet runs better than ever and does not kill any more bugs?

5. The book tells Richard that ___________ characters can be more real than flesh and blood.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Shimoda say about the talents and skills Richard and he have?

2. What does Richard ask Shimoda as they are eating at a cafe in Ryerson, Ohio?

3. What does Shimoda do after Richard states that he thinks he is finally beginning to understand the idea of walking through walls?

4. What does Richard conclude about Shimoda and his relationship to the world?

5. What is the question Richard then formulates when he begins to do the thing which is the answer to #33?

6. How does Richard respond to Shimoda's warning that he will lose 90% of his audience if he is not short?

7. Why does Richard dream about airplanes when he is sleeping?

8. What is the concise answer Richard gives to Shimoda's question from #45?

9. How does Shimoda respond when the talk show host infers the idea that gypsy piloting is illegal?

10. What is a thought form used for, according to Shimoda?

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