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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Shimoda can do anything because he _________ he knows.
(a) Was told
(b) Knows
(c) Is sure
(d) Believes

2. What does the answer to #112 ask to drink, which angers Richard?
(a) Blood
(b) Water
(c) Milk
(d) Wine

3. Shimoda asks Richard if he thinks __________ would have said he could not play a guitar.
(a) Buddha
(b) Jesus
(c) Jimmy Page
(d) Shimoda

4. Shimoda asks Richard if he can name anyone who _____________.
(a) Knows who Shimoda is
(b) Does live in this world
(c) Knows where Shimoda is
(d) Understands him

5. What direction does Richard fly after the assassination of Shimoda?
(a) South
(b) East
(c) North
(d) West

Short Answer Questions

1. Shimoda says that Richard is here to learn that it does not matter whether he ___________ or not.

2. Shimoda believes it is a great way to run the ________________, letting everyone do as they please.

3. Richard tells Shimoda as he is dying that he didn't think Shimoda had any ____________.

4. What is the name of the hardware store where Richard is shopping for plane parts?

5. What does Richard continue to relive, hoping to change what has happened?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Richard respond to Shimoda's warning that he will lose 90% of his audience if he is not short?

2. What is the concise answer Richard gives to Shimoda's question from #45?

3. What does Shimoda do after Richard states that he thinks he is finally beginning to understand the idea of walking through walls?

4. Why is the song from Richard's boyhood such a strange occurrence?

5. How does Shimoda respond when the talk show host infers the idea that gypsy piloting is illegal?

6. What does Shimoda announce is the reason for Richard being here?

7. What does Shimoda tell Richard to do in order to help Richard get straight answers from him?

8. Why does Richard dream about airplanes when he is sleeping?

9. What does Richard continue to do, though the outcome never changes?

10. What does Richard conclude about Shimoda and his relationship to the world?

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