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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Shimoda warns Richard that he will lose 90% of his audience unless he ___________.
(a) Keeps it short
(b) Makes up his mind
(c) Believes in the Bible
(d) Performs miracles

2. What does Richard continue to relive, hoping to change what has happened?
(a) The day he received the book
(b) The day of Shimoda's death
(c) The radio show exchanges
(d) The day Shimoda and Richard met

3. In what kind of light does Shimoda instruct Richard to visualize his desired objects.
(a) Silver
(b) Golden
(c) White
(d) Blue

4. What do Richard and Shimoda eat when they are at the cafe together?
(a) Crackers
(b) Soup
(c) Salads
(d) Hamburgers

5. The second male caller on the radio show brings the charge that Shimoda is somehow ____________.
(a) Stupid
(b) A prophet
(c) Insane
(d) Dangerous

Short Answer Questions

1. Richard wants to add that everyone can do as he or she pleases, so long as we don't ___________.

2. Richard tries a shorter answer: He allows both the ________ and himself to live as they choose.

3. Shimoda says that all humans are __________, naturally able to have what they want.

4. The truth is that having what you want is not a matter of faith, but a matter of __________.

5. What is the image revealed to be, according to Shimoda?

Short Essay Questions

1. What causes Richard to threaten violence to the vision Shimoda shows to Richard?

2. What does Shimoda declare about humans in general? What are they capable of?

3. What does Richard conclude about Shimoda and his relationship to the world?

4. What is the question Richard then formulates when he begins to do the thing which is the answer to #33?

5. What does Richard find difficult about the idea of knowing that he knows everything?

6. What happens when Richard is refueling his plane?

7. How does Shimoda respond when the talk show host infers the idea that gypsy piloting is illegal?

8. Why does Richard dream about airplanes when he is sleeping?

9. What does Shimoda tell Richard to do in order to help Richard get straight answers from him?

10. What is a thought form used for, according to Shimoda?

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