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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Shimoda tell Richard to do in relation to his troubles with clouds? Shimoda tells Richard to remove it from his __________.
(a) Plane
(b) Book
(c) Reality
(d) Thinking

2. Who refuses to fly when they arrive at Shimoda and Richard's setup area?
(a) A man in a wheelchair
(b) The woman in the hat
(c) A 10-year-old girl
(d) The grandfather

3. What kind of eyes does Richard think Shimoda has as he first sees him sitting underneath his plane?
(a) Hawk's
(b) Tiger's
(c) Jesus'
(d) Cat's

4. What kinds of stories does the Messiah tell to the crowds who follow him from place to place?
(a) Parables
(b) Children's stories
(c) Poems
(d) Fairy tales

5. What do gypsy fliers need in addition to a long, smooth, close-cut field near a town?
(a) An access road
(b) A hangar
(c) Permisssion fo the mayor
(d) A set of tools

Short Answer Questions

1. Richard dreams about a ___________ of humanity pouring against a man.

2. One never receives a __________ without the power to make it true - with work.

3. Richard says that if there was anyone to teach him what he wants to know, he would _________ to him or her.

4. Richard has seen the movie because he was asked, and so, too, do many choose _________ that allow them to do things together.

5. Richard feels _______ at the healing of the man who seems to deserve it.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Shimoda tell people they are in control of, though always in the parable format?

2. What must people do in order to enjoy life and to experience the illusion of time and space?

3. Describe the character of Donald Shimoda.

4. What is the passage Shimoda shares with Richard after the situation that occurs in #19?

5. What does Richard see for the first time in years when he is flying over Ferris, Indiana?

6. What do gypsy fliers need in order to fly their planes and to land them in the fields?

7. What does Shimoda assure Richard about the training to be a Messiah?

8. What does Shimoda say when Richard asks him why no one likes his pan-bread?

9. What passage can Shimoda not recall as Richard is flipping through the section on Perspective?

10. What does Richard do in order to readjust to the loneliness of not having Shimoda around?

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