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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Richard reads about being led through life by an inner _____________.
(a) Spiritual creature
(b) Motivation
(c) Intuition
(d) Is

2. What is the feeling Richard continues to have when in the presence of Shimoda?
(a) Calmness
(b) Happiness
(c) Dread
(d) Anger

3. What does Richard do in order to keep from thinking while he is sitting out by the fire?
(a) Reads a romance novel
(b) Prays
(c) Sleeps
(d) Sings endless songs

4. Richard cannot ______ clouds during attempts he makes between taking passengers up in his plane.
(a) Vaporize
(b) Move
(c) Destroy
(d) Reform

5. What does Shimoda tell Richard to do in relation to his troubles with clouds? Shimoda tells Richard to remove it from his __________.
(a) Reality
(b) Plane
(c) Book
(d) Thinking

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Shimoda go to stand when he asks Richard to watch him?

2. One never receives a __________ without the power to make it true - with work.

3. Shimoda admits to letting the crowd at Troy get to him because he admits to being a _________.

4. Richard says that being ___________ and finished is boring.

5. Richard deduces that movies must be like one's ___________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Richard find it difficult to look at Shimoda too closely?

2. Why hasn't returning to normal life been easy for Shimoda?

3. Describe the character of Donald Shimoda.

4. What does Richard see for the first time in years when he is flying over Ferris, Indiana?

5. What does Shimoda give to Richard when Richard asks how Shimoda can know so much and how he can learn about being a Messiah?

6. What happens when Shimoda tosses Richard a wrench as they are working on the engine?

7. What does Shimoda tell Richard to do in order to vaporize clouds?

8. What leaves Richard dumbfounded after he tries to impress Shimoda with a show-off landing?

9. When Richard cannot vaporize clouds, what does he realize about the process?

10. What do gypsy fliers need in order to fly their planes and to land them in the fields?

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