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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Shimoda tells Richard, "Nothing good is a miracle, and nothing lovely is a _________."
(a) Illusion
(b) Dream
(c) Truth
(d) Mystery

2. What does Shimoda tell Richard to do in relation to his troubles with clouds? Shimoda tells Richard to remove it from his __________.
(a) Reality
(b) Book
(c) Plane
(d) Thinking

3. Richard reads about being led through life by an inner _____________.
(a) Intuition
(b) Is
(c) Spiritual creature
(d) Motivation

4. Shimoda says there is not much he can do but ______________ because he gets into problems if he stays anywhere too long.
(a) Travel
(b) Hide
(c) Linger
(d) Barnstorm

5. Richard begins to wonder, "If life is illusion, why _______?"
(a) Bother
(b) Believe in anything
(c) Me
(d) Live

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the Master pray to as he begins to feel fatigued by his work as the Messiah?

2. What kind of plane makes Richard land his plane in order to get a better look?

3. Choosing a different _________ boggles Richard's mind.

4. What kind of biplane does Richard own and use in his gypsy flying business?

5. Where does the Master, as referenced in the title, originally have a job when he is found to be a Messiah?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Shimoda give to Richard when Richard asks how Shimoda can know so much and how he can learn about being a Messiah?

2. What does Richard have to say about life when eating dinner with Shimoda in Hammond, Wisconsin?

3. What does Shimoda say when Richard asks him why no one likes his pan-bread?

4. Why hasn't returning to normal life been easy for Shimoda?

5. What does Shimoda assure Richard about the training to be a Messiah?

6. What does Shimoda claim to Richard when they first meet?

7. Why is Shimoda suddenly furious with Richard about his question about the landing?

8. What does Richard see for the first time in years when he is flying over Ferris, Indiana?

9. What did Donald W. Shimoda retire from being, according to the beginning of the story?

10. What passage can Shimoda not recall as Richard is flipping through the section on Perspective?

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