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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Richard will need to give himself conscious __________ to do things he wants to do.
(a) Lessons
(b) Pep talks
(c) Permission
(d) Praise

2. What does the host of the radio show suggest is somehow illegal?
(a) Walking on water
(b) Gypsy piloting
(c) Being a Master
(d) Imagining reality

3. When Richard asks if Shimoda's death had to happen, what does Shimoda have to say?
(a) No
(b) Why does it matter?
(c) Nothing
(d) Yes

4. How is Shimoda killed in his plane?
(a) Shot
(b) Poisoned
(c) Stabbed
(d) Set on fire

5. One need not _______ anything, for cosmic law takes care of it.
(a) Do
(b) Worry about
(c) Want
(d) Think about

6. What does Shimoda show to Richard that Richard was certain he didn't actually have?
(a) Birth certificate
(b) Commercial pilot certificate
(c) Checkbook
(d) Driver's license

7. Shimoda turns a question back onto Richard: Can _____________ walk through walls?
(a) Shimoda
(b) Anyone
(c) People
(d) Richard

8. The second male caller on the radio show brings the charge that Shimoda is somehow ____________.
(a) Stupid
(b) A prophet
(c) Dangerous
(d) Insane

9. Richard is told that he must _________ his own documents.
(a) Forge
(b) Sign
(c) Update
(d) Carry

10. Shimoda worries about Richard not liking ____________, but Richard admits he enjoys bouncing ideas around, if not being worshiped or depended on.
(a) Crowds
(b) Feathers
(c) Illusions
(d) Tricks

11. Shimoda asks Richard if he thinks __________ would have said he could not play a guitar.
(a) Buddha
(b) Shimoda
(c) Jimmy Page
(d) Jesus

12. The book tells Richard that a happy and free life requires that ______ be sacrificed.
(a) Peace
(b) Truth
(c) Monotony
(d) Boredom

13. What is the name of the hardware store where Richard is shopping for plane parts?
(a) Trankon
(b) Blue Feather
(c) Hayward
(d) Halo

14. Shimoda confirms to Richard that everything that happened and that is happening is just a _______.
(a) Test
(b) Reflection
(c) Dream
(d) Gift

15. Richard recalls reading about __________ but finds letting go of doubt hard.
(a) Music
(b) Hypnotic learning
(c) Mastery
(d) Allknowingness

Short Answer Questions

1. What song is playing in the hardware store that Richard goes to in order to find parts for his plane?

2. Richard is annoyed about never receiving ___________ from Shimoda.

3. Shimoda is learning how to _________________ in this chapter.

4. Richard could play any instrument by giving up his ______________ that he cannot play.

5. Shimoda says that Richard needs to be more __________ in his thinking.

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