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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Since "___________ is Able to Respond" Richard answers only to himself.
(a) Being a Master
(b) Commitment
(c) Responsible
(d) Life

2. The male caller believes he is free to come over to the station and ________________.
(a) Talk to Shimoda
(b) Protest Shimoda
(c) Complain to the station manager
(d) Blow off Shimoda's head

3. Another caller says that Shimoda is a ____________, and Shimoda agrees with him.
(a) Devil
(b) Prophet
(c) Nut
(d) Fake

4. Shimoda says that all humans are __________, naturally able to have what they want.
(a) Magnets
(b) Powerful
(c) Masters
(d) Prophets

5. Richard believes it is __________ for him to walk through walls.
(a) Possible
(b) Believable
(c) Impossible
(d) Unbelievable

6. Shimoda worries about Richard not liking ____________, but Richard admits he enjoys bouncing ideas around, if not being worshiped or depended on.
(a) Tricks
(b) Illusions
(c) Feathers
(d) Crowds

7. Richard recalls reading about __________ but finds letting go of doubt hard.
(a) Allknowingness
(b) Hypnotic learning
(c) Mastery
(d) Music

8. It is important to realize all are __________ to do whatever they want.
(a) Alive
(b) Here
(c) Able
(d) Free

9. What frightens Richard as he and Shimoda are talking that night?
(a) A voice
(b) A bug
(c) The book
(d) A shadow

10. Shimoda's response to the idea of the answer to #158 being illegal is that no one can stop them from ________ what they want.
(a) Charging
(b) Doing
(c) Choosing
(d) Flying where and

11. Shimoda confirms to Richard that everything that happened and that is happening is just a _______.
(a) Dream
(b) Gift
(c) Test
(d) Reflection

12. Shimoda says he and Richard both ____________.
(a) Are Masters
(b) Know nothing
(c) Know all things
(d) Can understand everything

13. Shimoda asks Richard if he thinks __________ would have said he could not play a guitar.
(a) Shimoda
(b) Buddha
(c) Jimmy Page
(d) Jesus

14. Richard asks Shimoda if he ever gets a little ___________ in all of his travels.
(a) Tired
(b) Frustrated
(c) Lonely
(d) Bored

15. In what state is the cafe where Richard and Shimoda dine during Chapter 14?
(a) Ohio
(b) Michigan
(c) Illinois
(d) Indiana

Short Answer Questions

1. Shimoda asks Richard if he can name anyone who _____________.

2. Shimoda turns a question back onto Richard: Can _____________ walk through walls?

3. What is the first way Richard tries to love the kind, but friendless persona Shimoda pretends to be?

4. Richard begins to believe that Shimoda does not __________ this world

5. Richard could play any instrument by giving up his ______________ that he cannot play.

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