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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is revealed in the shadow? What might this character be called?
(a) Mummy
(b) Werewolf
(c) Vampire
(d) Frankenstein

2. What song is playing in the hardware store that Richard goes to in order to find parts for his plane?
(a) Fly Like an Eagle
(b) Jingle Bells
(c) Beat It
(d) Greensleeves

3. Shimoda says that Richard is here to learn that it does not matter whether he ___________ or not.
(a) Understands
(b) Teaches
(c) Communicates
(d) Listens

4. What does the host of the radio show suggest is somehow illegal?
(a) Being a Master
(b) Walking on water
(c) Gypsy piloting
(d) Imagining reality

5. Richard is told that he must _________ his own documents.
(a) Forge
(b) Update
(c) Carry
(d) Sign

6. Shimoda warns that people who will come to him with problems will not want ___________.
(a) More questions
(b) A friend
(c) Answers
(d) Jokes or games

7. The _____ does not need Shimoda to tell anyone how the world works, so Shimoda could have said nothing.
(a) Male caller
(b) Is
(c) World
(d) Book

8. Richard recalls how it easy it was for him to learn _______ because nothing else mattered.
(a) To read
(b) To fly
(c) To walk
(d) To sing

9. What does Shimoda show to Richard that Richard was certain he didn't actually have?
(a) Driver's license
(b) Commercial pilot certificate
(c) Checkbook
(d) Birth certificate

10. Shimoda asks Richard if he thinks __________ would have said he could not play a guitar.
(a) Jimmy Page
(b) Shimoda
(c) Jesus
(d) Buddha

11. The question that a person does have to ask is, "Is this what I really want __________?"
(a) To do
(b) To have
(c) To hold
(d) To believe

12. Shimoda warns Richard that he will lose 90% of his audience unless he ___________.
(a) Makes up his mind
(b) Believes in the Bible
(c) Performs miracles
(d) Keeps it short

13. Richard believes being a Master is ____________.
(a) Frustrating
(b) Easy
(c) Complicated
(d) Worthwhile

14. The male caller believes he is free to come over to the station and ________________.
(a) Protest Shimoda
(b) Talk to Shimoda
(c) Blow off Shimoda's head
(d) Complain to the station manager

15. Richard says that he doesn't care if he loses part of his audience because he knows ______ and talks what he talks.
(a) What they need
(b) The truth
(c) What he knows
(d) Everything

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the image revealed to be, according to Shimoda?

2. Richard will need to give himself conscious __________ to do things he wants to do.

3. One need not _______ anything, for cosmic law takes care of it.

4. The book tells Richard that a happy and free life requires that ______ be sacrificed.

5. Shimoda says that all humans are __________, naturally able to have what they want.

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