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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Shimoda is learning how to _________________ in this chapter.
(a) Listen to Richard
(b) Become a Master
(c) Walk through walls
(d) Pour gas into his tank

2. It is important to realize all are __________ to do whatever they want.
(a) Here
(b) Alive
(c) Able
(d) Free

3. What is Richard's answer about the question of why he dreams about airplanes?
(a) He has no idea
(b) Freedom and escape
(c) Power and money
(d) Freedom and power

4. Shimoda asks Richard if he can name anyone who _____________.
(a) Understands him
(b) Knows who Shimoda is
(c) Does live in this world
(d) Knows where Shimoda is

5. Richard tells Shimoda as he is dying that he didn't think Shimoda had any ____________.
(a) Enemies
(b) Reason to fear
(c) Common sense
(d) Regrets in his life

6. The woman caller is tired of hearing ___________.
(a) It doesn't matter
(b) I don't care what you think
(c) Do your thing
(d) Nothing is impossible

7. When a woman calls in, she points out some must __________, earning their bread by the sweat of their brow.
(a) Hold down a job
(b) Be productive
(c) Be accountable
(d) Work to the bone

8. Richard believes being a Master is ____________.
(a) Complicated
(b) Frustrating
(c) Easy
(d) Worthwhile

9. Shimoda says he only gets ____________ if he feels like it.
(a) Money
(b) Food
(c) Lonely
(d) Sad

10. Shimoda marvels at the way Richard never stops ____________ during their lessons and discussions.
(a) Hesitating
(b) Learning
(c) Arguing
(d) Exploring

11. The book tells Richard after Shimoda dies that, "Everything in this book may be ___________."
(a) Ignored
(b) True
(c) Useless
(d) Wrong

12. The second male caller on the radio show brings the charge that Shimoda is somehow ____________.
(a) Dangerous
(b) A prophet
(c) Stupid
(d) Insane

13. In what kind of light does Shimoda instruct Richard to visualize his desired objects.
(a) Silver
(b) Blue
(c) Golden
(d) White

14. Richard recalls how it easy it was for him to learn _______ because nothing else mattered.
(a) To read
(b) To fly
(c) To sing
(d) To walk

15. What direction does Richard fly after the assassination of Shimoda?
(a) South
(b) West
(c) East
(d) North

Short Answer Questions

1. Richard says that he doesn't care if he loses part of his audience because he knows ______ and talks what he talks.

2. Shimoda believes it is a great way to run the ________________, letting everyone do as they please.

3. Shimoda says he and Richard both ____________.

4. There is nothing wrong with being ____________, says Richard, but most people like to know why they are doing something.

5. What does Shimoda say the 4 billion people in the world might be rocked by?

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