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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Shimoda say he can always do if Richard offers to pay him for advice or to help him with his engine troubles?
(a) Disappear
(b) Run away
(c) Turn him down
(d) Laugh

2. Shimoda says: Once one learns what the world is and how it works, one _________ performs so-called miracles.
(a) Then
(b) Always
(c) Tries and
(d) Automatically

3. Richard tells Shimoda he will give him his plane because Richard believes one day he will not need it in order to _______.
(a) Fly
(b) Travel
(c) Make money
(d) Feel good

4. The book says that clouds do not know why they _____ as they do.
(a) Change colors
(b) Become puffy
(c) Move
(d) Appear

5. People are unhappy because they choose ____________.
(a) To see life's illusions as real.
(b) Poorly
(c) To be unhappy
(d) To see the negative side

6. The Master asks what the people would do if God were to command them to _______.
(a) Be the Master
(b) Be honest
(c) Be happy
(d) Be miserable

7. Richard begins to wonder, "If life is illusion, why _______?"
(a) Live
(b) Bother
(c) Me
(d) Believe in anything

8. The covering of this Master training manual is made of ____________.
(a) Cardboard
(b) Suede
(c) Gold
(d) Plastic

9. What is the condition of Shimoda's clothes after they have swum in the land?
(a) Missing
(b) Spotless
(c) Torn and mussed
(d) Dirty

10. In what state do Richard and Shimoda have dinner at the start of the chapter?
(a) Illinois
(b) Ohio
(c) Wisconsin
(d) Indiana

11. Whose presence does Richard feel when he wakes up at 3:00 A.M., even though he can't see him?
(a) Jesus'
(b) Shimoda's
(c) God's
(d) John's

12. Richard has seen the movie because he was asked, and so, too, do many choose _________ that allow them to do things together.
(a) Lifetimes
(b) Friends
(c) Answers
(d) Paths

13. What kind of plane makes Richard land his plane in order to get a better look?
(a) Fleet
(b) Fleeting
(c) Travel Air
(d) Forager

14. What is rolled forward when Shimoda and his passenger eventually land at the field again?
(a) A buffet of food
(b) A police buggy
(c) A new car
(d) Another wheelchair

15. What does Richard do in order to keep from thinking while he is sitting out by the fire?
(a) Sleeps
(b) Reads a romance novel
(c) Sings endless songs
(d) Prays

Short Answer Questions

1. Richard truly believes he will find a __________ to help him.

2. How many soul lives is the Messiah supposed to live during his work on the planet?

3. What does Shimoda say in response to Richard's question of how Shimoda found him?

4. What always accompanies gifts, according to the book Richard was given by Shimoda?

5. Richard says that if there was anyone to teach him what he wants to know, he would _________ to him or her.

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