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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the creature wants to let go of the river, others tell him that he will be killed faster by letting go than by __________.
(a) Ignorance
(b) Stupidity
(c) Boredom
(d) Muscle fatigue

2. Over what city in Indiana is Richard flying when Chapter 2 begins?
(a) Indianapolis
(b) Springfield
(c) Terre Haute
(d) Ferris

3. People are unhappy because they choose ____________.
(a) To see the negative side
(b) To be unhappy
(c) Poorly
(d) To see life's illusions as real.

4. How many points is the landing that Shimoda makes, impressing Richard?
(a) Four
(b) Five
(c) Two
(d) Three

5. Shimoda says there is not much he can do but ______________ because he gets into problems if he stays anywhere too long.
(a) Travel
(b) Barnstorm
(c) Hide
(d) Linger

6. ___________ cares noting about human illusions and games and knows only itself and humans in its perfect, finished likeness.
(a) God
(b) Jesus
(c) Shimoda
(d) The Is

7. What does the man in the wheelchair do that makes the scene look staged, according to Richard?
(a) Shakily walks to the plane
(b) Dances a jig
(c) Flies from his seat
(d) Runs to the cockpit

8. Richard cannot ______ clouds during attempts he makes between taking passengers up in his plane.
(a) Move
(b) Reform
(c) Destroy
(d) Vaporize

9. What does Shimoda say he wants Richard to witness as they are in an isolated field on the Illinois-Indiana state line?
(a) Thought form
(b) Miracle
(c) Stunning example of illusion
(d) Non-miracle

10. Shimoda says many beginners do ___________ in their sleep.
(a) Miracles
(b) Nothing
(c) Lessons
(d) Spirtual growth mantras

11. Shimoda gives Richard a book that is apparently what Masters use in order to train themselves to become Masters. What is it called?
(a) Messiah's Manscript
(b) Savior Psalms
(c) Messiah's Missive
(d) Savior's Manual

12. Where does Shimoda go to stand when he asks Richard to watch him?
(a) On the pond
(b) On his plane
(c) On a rock
(d) On a tree branch

13. What kind of biplane does Richard own and use in his gypsy flying business?
(a) Fleet
(b) Travel Air
(c) Fleeting
(d) Forager

14. Even the best movie is ______________, according to Shimoda.
(a) An illusion
(b) A lesson
(c) A farce
(d) A chance to escape responsibility

15. What does the Messiah say to the greater being when he is sorry he has let it go this long?
(a) I'm leaving
(b) I'm ashamed
(c) I quit
(d) I'm overjoyed

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the Master pray to as he begins to feel fatigued by his work as the Messiah?

2. Shimoda says that if someone says he has something or acts as though he has something, then _________.

3. What is the longer title for the book that Shimoda gives to Richard when he asks about how to train to become a Master? Messiah's Manual & Reminders for the _____________.

4. Richard notices that Shimoda's plane is better than ________ fresh. It has no dust, scratches, patches, or any wear and tear.

5. Richard gets annoyed with Shimoda and his discussions because everything Richard says is ___________.

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