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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Shimoda says: Once one learns what the world is and how it works, one _________ performs so-called miracles.
(a) Then
(b) Automatically
(c) Always
(d) Tries and

2. Shimoda says that if someone says he has something or acts as though he has something, then _________.
(a) He has it
(b) He is not welcome.
(c) He is a Master
(d) He is crazy

3. Who does the Master pray to as he begins to feel fatigued by his work as the Messiah?
(a) The Infinite Radiant Is
(b) The Infinite
(c) The Blessed Boss
(d) God

4. Where does the Master, as referenced in the title, originally have a job when he is found to be a Messiah?
(a) Copy center
(b) Airport
(c) Medical office
(d) Auto repair shop

5. What do the crowds that follow the Messiah call him, besides "Messiah" and "Master?"
(a) Anti-christ
(b) Miracle worker
(c) Blessed man
(d) Jesus

6. What does Richard do in order to keep from thinking while he is sitting out by the fire?
(a) Sings endless songs
(b) Reads a romance novel
(c) Sleeps
(d) Prays

7. Where does Shimoda go to stand when he asks Richard to watch him?
(a) On his plane
(b) On a rock
(c) On a tree branch
(d) On the pond

8. Who is the person who is terrified of heights?
(a) John
(b) Richard
(c) Sarah
(d) Shimoda

9. Richard gets annoyed with Shimoda and his discussions because everything Richard says is ___________.
(a) Superficial
(b) Wrong
(c) Silly
(d) Incomplete

10. Richard cannot picture Jesus returning to being a _____________.
(a) Pilot
(b) Carpenter
(c) Messiah
(d) Family man

11. What section does Richard read about first when he is given the book by Shimoda?
(a) Glory
(b) Understanding
(c) Perspective
(d) Death

12. The covering of this Master training manual is made of ____________.
(a) Suede
(b) Plastic
(c) Cardboard
(d) Gold

13. What kind of plane makes Richard land his plane in order to get a better look?
(a) Fleeting
(b) Forager
(c) Fleet
(d) Travel Air

14. Shimoda says no one else likes Richard's breakfast choice because only Richard believes it _________.
(a) Is healthy
(b) Tastes good
(c) To be there
(d) Isn't burnt

15. The mind, or imagination, is life's _____________, according to Richard's observations.
(a) Cast
(b) Projector
(c) Director
(d) Writer

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Richard realize about his attempts with the clouds? He is making things __________.

2. Once Richard believes he is a ______, he will, indeed, be one.

3. What does Shimoda say he can always do if Richard offers to pay him for advice or to help him with his engine troubles?

4. Richard cannot ______ clouds during attempts he makes between taking passengers up in his plane.

5. In what state do Richard and Shimoda have dinner at the start of the chapter?

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