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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For how many years has the man in the wheelchair been in his current state?
(a) 1
(b) 10
(c) 2
(d) 11

2. The world, the book says, is one's ________ book rather than reality.
(a) Lesson
(b) Exercise
(c) Guide
(d) Dream

3. Shimoda says no one else likes Richard's breakfast choice because only Richard believes it _________.
(a) To be there
(b) Is healthy
(c) Isn't burnt
(d) Tastes good

4. What does Richard realize about Shimoda's plane at about 3:00 P.M. as they are beginning to head out?
(a) It is still clean
(b) It is gone
(c) He has not refueled
(d) It has not moved

5. Richard says that if there was anyone to teach him what he wants to know, he would _________ to him or her.
(a) Run
(b) Fly
(c) Make payments
(d) Speak

6. The covering of this Master training manual is made of ____________.
(a) Suede
(b) Cardboard
(c) Gold
(d) Plastic

7. Richard deduces that movies must be like one's ___________.
(a) Lifetime
(b) Bible
(c) Jail cell
(d) distraction

8. What kinds of stories does the Messiah tell to the crowds who follow him from place to place?
(a) Parables
(b) Children's stories
(c) Fairy tales
(d) Poems

9. Richard cannot picture Jesus returning to being a _____________.
(a) Messiah
(b) Carpenter
(c) Family man
(d) Pilot

10. Who objects that the Master does not need to work for a living?
(a) Postal worker
(b) Deli owner
(c) Doctor
(d) Mill-man

11. Richard truly believes he will find a __________ to help him.
(a) Religion
(b) Teacher
(c) Guru
(d) God

12. The book says the true family is linked not by ___________ but by respect and joy in one another's lives.
(a) Name
(b) History
(c) Location
(d) Blood

13. Shimoda gives Richard a book that is apparently what Masters use in order to train themselves to become Masters. What is it called?
(a) Savior Psalms
(b) Messiah's Manscript
(c) Savior's Manual
(d) Messiah's Missive

14. What does Shimoda think people only want from him or from other Masters and Messiahs?
(a) Easy fixes
(b) Money
(c) Miracles
(d) Redemption

15. Richard has seen the movie because he was asked, and so, too, do many choose _________ that allow them to do things together.
(a) Paths
(b) Answers
(c) Friends
(d) Lifetimes

Short Answer Questions

1. Shimoda says many beginners do ___________ in their sleep.

2. When the creature wants to let go of the river, others tell him that he will be killed faster by letting go than by __________.

3. The mind, or imagination, is life's _____________, according to Richard's observations.

4. Richard feels _______ at the healing of the man who seems to deserve it.

5. Richard reads about being led through life by an inner _____________.

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