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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who objects that the Master does not need to work for a living?
(a) Postal worker
(b) Deli owner
(c) Doctor
(d) Mill-man

2. The Master asks what the people would do if God were to command them to _______.
(a) Be happy
(b) Be miserable
(c) Be honest
(d) Be the Master

3. When the creature wants to let go of the river, others tell him that he will be killed faster by letting go than by __________.
(a) Ignorance
(b) Boredom
(c) Muscle fatigue
(d) Stupidity

4. Richard notices that Shimoda's plane is better than ________ fresh. It has no dust, scratches, patches, or any wear and tear.
(a) Factory
(b) New
(c) Mint
(d) Manufacturer

5. Who refuses to fly when they arrive at Shimoda and Richard's setup area?
(a) The grandfather
(b) A man in a wheelchair
(c) The woman in the hat
(d) A 10-year-old girl

Short Answer Questions

1. Richard tells Shimoda he will give him his plane because Richard believes one day he will not need it in order to _______.

2. What does Shimoda think people only want from him or from other Masters and Messiahs?

3. In response to the statement by the Master in #11, the greater being says that he has just learned that the path of happiness teaches each why they have chosen this ____________.

4. Who is the person who is terrified of heights?

5. Shimoda asks Richard if giving three dollar _____ will teach him what he wants to know.

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