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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Shimoda go to stand when he asks Richard to watch him?
(a) On a tree branch
(b) On his plane
(c) On a rock
(d) On the pond

2. Shimoda cautions Richard that he should not get __________ attached to his attempts with the clouds.
(a) Positively
(b) Negatively
(c) Instantly
(d) Strongly

3. What is the longer title for the book that Shimoda gives to Richard when he asks about how to train to become a Master? Messiah's Manual & Reminders for the _____________.
(a) Trainee Master
(b) Advanced Souls
(c) Richards of the World
(d) Curious

4. How long does Shimoda say that Richard has to practice in order to know the answers?
(a) 10 years
(b) A year
(c) A month
(d) A week and a half

5. What is the feeling Richard continues to have when in the presence of Shimoda?
(a) Calmness
(b) Dread
(c) Anger
(d) Happiness

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Shimoda tell Richard to do in relation to his troubles with clouds? Shimoda tells Richard to remove it from his __________.

2. Richard says that he doesn't care if he loses part of his audience because he knows ______ and talks what he talks.

3. What section does Richard read about first when he is given the book by Shimoda?

4. The image of a sunset is a dream, but the ________ is real.

5. Masochists, crocodile god worshipers, and would-be martyrs prove the _________ does not work.

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