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Short Answer Questions

1. Patroclus tells Hector that Hector gained victory because?

2. What does Thetis advise Achilles to do?

3. How long does Achilles hold the Greek army back so Priam can bury Hector?

4. Who does Athena appear to Hector disguised as?

5. Who is the fire god?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Patroclus' death, why is Achilles feeling guilty?

2. What does Thetis tell Achilles when she is sent with a message from the gods?

3. What arguments develop upon Patroclus' death?

4. What is the goal of Zeus' plan, as he tells it to Hera?

5. How is Patroclus killed?

6. What is the difference between the actions of the gods who support the Greeks and the gods who support the Trojans in Book 20?

7. Why is Achilles' mother sad when she speaks to Achilles after Patroclus' death?

8. What are the gods doing in Book 21 while the mortals are fighting a battle?

9. What god does Achilles make angry in Book 21, and what does the god do in retaliation?

10. What forces Hector to withdraw from the battle?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Please pick one of the following options to write about:

1) How pride caused Hector's death.

2) How envy cause the war to being.

3) How greed caused a division in the Greek forces.

Essay Topic 2

Many characters in The Iliad are ruled by their emotions. Please pick a character and give three specific examples of when that character was ruled by their emotions, whether it led them to a good or bad result, and why. Make sure to use specific examples from the text.

Essay Topic 3

The symbols in The Iliad are numerous. Pick a symbol and discuss its importance to the characters in the book.

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