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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Zeus send as a sign that he has heard Agamemnon when Hector is on the verge of burning the Greek ships?
(a) An eagle carrying an ox.
(b) An eagle carrying an olive branch.
(c) An eagle carrying a deer.
(d) An eagle carrying a lamb.

2. What does Diomedes say to his companions?
(a) That they should back down because the gods will make the weather bad for fighting.
(b) That they should back down because the gods are assisting their enemies.
(c) That they should back down because the gods will curse them.
(d) That they should back down because the gods want Helen to go back home.

3. Which goddess hates Troy?
(a) Aphrodite.
(b) Athena.
(c) Artemis.
(d) Hera.

4. Who does King Priam blame for the war?
(a) The Greeks.
(b) Paris.
(c) Helen.
(d) The gods.

5. Who intervenes to prevent the soldiers from deserting Agamemnon?
(a) Athena and Artemis.
(b) Athena and Hera.
(c) Athena and Helen.
(d) Hera and Artemis.

6. What frightens Hector's son?
(a) The plume on his helmet.
(b) The sounds of battle.
(c) His sword.
(d) The noise of his armor.

7. After Agamemnon is stunned by Achilles' response to his offer, what does Diomedes says Achilles will do?
(a) Fight if the Greeks force him to.
(b) Fight when the time comes.
(c) Not fight for the Greeks.
(d) Fight only for himself.

8. What does Agamemnon sacrifice to Zeus in Book 2?
(a) A fat pig.
(b) A fat sheep.
(c) A fat ox.
(d) A fat cow.

9. Who is urging Paris to return to the battlefield?
(a) Helen.
(b) Helen and Hector.
(c) Hector.
(d) His mother.

10. Who is Aphrodite's mother?
(a) A mortal.
(b) Hera.
(c) Athena.
(d) Dione.

11. How do Diomedes and Glaukos seal their friendship?
(a) By trading horses.
(b) By trading armor.
(c) By praying together to the gods.
(d) By trading swords.

12. Who calls Agamemnon greedy for profit and shameless?
(a) Achilles.
(b) Odysseus.
(c) Nestor.
(d) Aias.

13. Why does Aphrodite flee the battle after she interferes to save her son, Aeneas?
(a) She got bored.
(b) Her favorite warrior died.
(c) Pandaros did not favor her.
(d) Diomedes wounded her.

14. In Achilles' absence, who is the Greek's best warrior?
(a) Aineas.
(b) Odysseus.
(c) Diomedes.
(d) Pandaros.

15. Who decides the violence should end?
(a) Apollo and Ares.
(b) Apollo and Athena.
(c) Zeus.
(d) Ares and Athena.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which Greek man's death is foretold by Zeus to Hera?

2. Who demands that the Trojans concede victory to the Greeks and return Helen?

3. What does Paris promise to Hector when Hector finds him after the Trojans retreat to the city?

4. Agamemnon is confident that what?

5. The book opens during what year of the Trojan War?

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