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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Apollo forbid Hector to do when fighting Achilles after Patroclus has died?
(a) Fight Achilles with swords.
(b) Fight Achilles in battle.
(c) Fight Achilles alone.
(d) Fight Achilles on a hillside.

2. How does Aphrodite flee the battle in Book 5?
(a) She borrows horses from Apollo.
(b) She borrows horses from Zeus.
(c) She borrows horses from Helen.
(d) She borrows horses from Ares.

3. Why does Hector chastise Paris when he finds Paris with the troops and not preparing to meet his challenger from the Greek army?
(a) For stealing another man's wife.
(b) For bringing the Trojans to the point of war and his selfishness for stealing another man's wife.
(c) For bringing the Trojans to war and being a coward.
(d) For being a coward for not standing up and accepting his challenge.

4. What prevents Diomedes from killing Glaukos?
(a) They realize they are on the same side.
(b) Their ancestors were friends.
(c) The gods interfere.
(d) They realize they are relatives.

5. Who was the mortal man responsible for the plague against the army?
(a) Agamemnon.
(b) Chratheus.
(c) Achilles.
(d) Odysseus.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who kills Hector?

2. Why does Poseidon interfere again?

3. Who does Athena disguise herself as?

4. Who kills Adrestos?

5. Who does Achilles send to get information on the war?

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