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Achilles' horses - Named Roan Beauty and Charger, Hector rages after these. They are of divine origin and paralleled by few.

Achilles' spear - This object was given to Peleus by Chiron, a centaur renowned for his wisdom and ability in the arts. Not only is this object blessed because it is of divine origin, but it is also crafted from extra-hardy wood.

Aeneas' Horses - In Book 5, Diomedes desires these. They are of divine origin and were given to Tros by Zeus for the stealing of Ganymede.

Argos - A region near the northeastern part of the Peloponnese.

Athena's dress - This was often presented to a maiden goddess as a form of sacrifice.

Aulis - The Greek fleet's departure point for Troy.

Crete - A long island located at the southern end of the Aegean sea.

Golden apple - The object dedicated "to the fairest...

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