The Iliad Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Achilles - The best warrior in Greece, who has only one spot on his body that is vulnerable to a weapon.

Achilleus - See Achilles

Achillis - See Achilles

Aeneas - Son of a goddess and a fighter to be reckoned with, who, as legend has it, is the only Trojan royal family member to survive the sack of Troy.

Agamemnon - A king who is the overall commander of Achaean forces at Troy.

Aias - See Ajax

Aineias - See Aeneas

Ajax the Greater - One of a pair who fights without the help of divine aide. When he loses a competition, he goes mad and slaughters a herd of sheep.

Ajax the Lesser - One of a pair who leads the Locrians at Troy and is drowned by Poseidon.

Akhilleus - See Achilles

Alexandros - See Paris

Andromache - When Troy falls to the Achaeans...

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