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Book 1

• Agamemnon captures two women and brings a plague down on his army.

• Agamemnon returns one woman to remove the plague.

• Agamemnon takes Briseis and so Achilles is angry and leave the fight.

• Achilles' mother persuades Zeus to side with the Trojans until Achilles' honor is restored.

Book 2

• Zeus sends a dream to Agamemnon.

• Agamemnon decides to attack the Trojans.

• The troops and their ships are listed.

Book 3

• Paris issues a challenge for a Greek man to fight him.

• Paris runs away so he doesn't have to fight.

• Paris eventually fights Menelaus.

• The gods interfere in the fight.

Book 4

• The gods argue about the outcome of the fight.

• The gods interfere to break the truce.

• The battle begins again.

Book 5

• Athena interferes on behalf of the Greeks.

• Diomedes wounds Aphrodite.

• Ares interferes on behalf of the Trojans.

• The gods remove themselves from the battle, and leave the mortals...

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