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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the first confession the police hear in Section 7, who offers Marchica money for Colasberna's murder?
(a) Paolo Nicolosi.
(b) Saro Pizzuco.
(c) Mrs. Nicolosi.
(d) Don Arena.

2. What happens to a medic that begins treating sick patients rather than members of the mafia according to Captain Bellodi's story in Section 10?
(a) He is fired.
(b) He is beaten up.
(c) He is transferred.
(d) He is killed.

3. What does Pizzuco do after he assumes the police know everything about the murder?
(a) Prays.
(b) Attempts suicide.
(c) Curses the don.
(d) Cursing Marchica.

4. Who helps the police retrieve Nicolosi's body in the book?
(a) Marchica.
(b) A farmer.
(c) A peasant.
(d) A priest.

5. How does the wife of the high-ranking minister shown at the beginning of Section 8 react when he answers the phone?
(a) Angry.
(b) Sad.
(c) Amused.
(d) Excited.

6. What does a confession suggest is the only motivation for Marchica to commit murder?
(a) He is a psychopath.
(b) There is no reason.
(c) His violent temper.
(d) He holds grudges.

7. How does Captain Bellodi feel about the area he searches for Nicolosi's body?
(a) It is pretty.
(b) It is holy.
(c) That it is creepy.
(d) It is sad.

8. How do the police obtain a confession to show Marchica in Section 6?
(a) Pizzuco writes it.
(b) Mrs. Nicolosi writes it.
(c) They forge it.
(d) Don Arena writes it.

9. Which character has been to prison many times and doesn't really mind going back in the book?
(a) Saro Pizzuco.
(b) Passerello.
(c) Diego Marchica.
(d) Paolo Nicolosi.

10. What do the characters at the beginning of Section 9 say Marchica must claim to have happened to cause him to confess to murder?
(a) Say police made it up.
(b) Say he was tortured.
(c) Say he was kidding.
(d) Say he lied.

11. Why does Marchica claim is the only reason he confessed during the murder trial in Section 10?
(a) Because he felt like it.
(b) Because he was angry at Pizzuco.
(c) Because he was scared.
(d) Because police made him.

12. Who is described as having a violent reputation in Section 7?
(a) Don Arena.
(b) Saro Pizzuco.
(c) Captain Bellodi.
(d) Diego Marchica.

13. Where is Nicolosi's body discovered in the book?
(a) Behind the altar.
(b) Buried in a hole.
(c) Deep down in a cleft in the earth.
(d) On the street.

14. Who writes a full confession at the beginning of Section 7?
(a) Minister Mancusi.
(b) Passerello.
(c) Mrs. Nicolosi.
(d) Diego Marchica.

15. According to the first confession the police hear in Section 7, who does Pizzuco run into after the murder?
(a) Passerello.
(b) Paolo Nicolosi.
(c) Guiseppe Colasberna.
(d) Mrs. Nicolosi.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is concluded to have been involved in the murders Bellodi has been investigating at the end of Section 8?

2. What is the name of the minister that is revealed to have possible mafia ties in Section 8?

3. Whose office is the man the police allow to sit in the captain's office during interrogation able to see into?

4. According to the second confession the police hear in Section 7, what was Colasberna offering Pizzuco?

5. Who does the Captain first interrogate in Section 9?

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