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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 9, pp. 90-108.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the sergeant major find to be given a nickname due to his love of gambling?
(a) Guiseppe Colasberna.
(b) Diego Marchica.
(c) Paolo Nicolosi.
(d) Ciccio La Rosa.

2. What is the man being interviewed by police actually telling them when the other prisoner watches the interview from the captain's office?
(a) A confession.
(b) His personal information.
(c) About his family.
(d) About his work.

3. Which of the following things does the workers for the man of honor shown (at the beginning of Section 2) not do after not being paid?
(a) Become desperate from starvation.
(b) Demand money.
(c) Shoot at the man of honor.
(d) Protest.

4. Why does an officer angrily intervene at the house of the man of honor shown at the beginning of Section 2 despite not wanting to?
(a) To allow his wife and daughter to go to Mass.
(b) To take his daughter to school.
(c) To take his wife to the airport.
(d) To take him to work.

5. What is the name of the honorable man Don Arena is said to be close friends with at the end of Section 5?
(a) Brescianelli.
(b) Livigni.
(c) Mancusi.
(d) Passerello.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do the police allow to sit in the captain's office during interrogation in Section 6?

2. According to the first confession the police hear in Section 7, who does Pizzuco run into after the murder?

3. What do the characters at the beginning of Section 9 consider the most important piece of evidence the police have in their murder investigation?

4. How do the police obtain a confession to show Marchica in Section 6?

5. Who is described as having a violent reputation in Section 7?

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