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The Mafia

This is a secret criminal network which many people believe is the major power in Italy.


This is an island off the southern coast of Italy.


This is the capital of Italy, and where the Parliament meets.


This is the hometown of Captain Bellodi.

Grimelli Chiarchiaro

This is a network of rocky chasms and holes in the ground.

The Catholic Church

This has its headquarters in Rome and is important to many of the book's characters.


This means wolf shot, and it is a popular type of ammunition in the book.

Santa Fara Co-operative Building Society

This is the only building contractor in town that does good work.

Piazza Garibaldi

This is the place where the bus is leaving when Colasberna is shot trying to catch it.

Via Cavour

This is the street that Marchica runs down after killing Colasberna.



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