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Short Answer Questions

1. Which state does Jory's family visit every year?

2. Whose life does Cathy say she might have saved the only time she'd been right?

3. Where does Bart's grandmother tell him her son ran away to in the chapter, My Heart's Desire?

4. In My Heart's Desire, what does John Amos tell Bart being clever is?

5. Who is Jory's father?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Bart first react to the puppy his grandmother gives him?

2. What are Bart's explanations for the kitten's bones in his yard?

3. What happens to the ballet after Cathy falls?

4. How does Bart's first psychiatrist describe Bart to his parents?

5. What does Bart discover about Chris during and after his hospital stay?

6. How does Bart's knee get infected?

7. Why is Cathy so concerned over her injured ballet student?

8. What does Corrine say she wants during her first confrontation with Chris?

9. How does Bart react to the news that Cindy is his new sister?

10. What does Chris explain to Corrine that Bart does to make up for being unskilled?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Explain why Bart feels inferior to Jory. How does this determine Bart's behavior around Jory? In what ways are Bart's feelings justified? In what ways are they not justified? Give examples

Essay Topic 2

Chris accuses Corrine of selfishness. Explain whether Corrine's actions prove to be selfish or the opposite. What do her motivations appear to be? What in her appearance or behavior hints at a care only for herself?

Essay Topic 3

Explain why Bart needs the most attention from his mother. Give examples of how this need presents itself. How does Bart fight this need for his mother? What substitutes does he use for her attention?

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