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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While conversing with Cathy in the attic, what does Chris say "often leads to reality?"
(a) The subconscious.
(b) Wishful thinking.
(c) Plotting.
(d) Nightmare.

2. In Malcolm's journal, Malcolm's father has him strip naked, whips him, and then locks him in the attic for what offense?
(a) Hiding when his father called for him.
(b) Destroying his mother's childhood pictures.
(c) Shredding his mother's old corsets.
(d) Smoking his father's tobacco.

3. At the beginning of the chapter called My Heart's Desire, Bart says that Cindy is wicked for what?
(a) Splashing in a pool.
(b) Not caring who sees her naked.
(c) For calling his mother "Momma."
(d) Dropping sippy cups on the floor.

4. In the beginning of the novel, in the attic, Chris assures Cathy that _______ is dead.
(a) Madame Marisha.
(b) Nicole.
(c) The grandmother.
(d) The butler.

5. What did Bart accidentally kill by squeezing too tight?
(a) Bunny.
(b) Caterpillar.
(c) Mouse.
(d) Chick.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Jory and Bart plant to honor Uncle Cory's and Aunt Carrie's birthday?

2. When Jory is trapped in the attic, watching his parents, what does he feel ashamed for doing?

3. Who tells Bart his real father's name?

4. What pieces of furniture does Chris see in the attic that upsets him?

5. Jory thinks that no one should be given more attention than _____.

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the conditions of Corrine and Cathy's imprisonment.

2. How does Jory feel about Chris once they reconcile over the family secret?

3. How does Corrine attempt to hide her identity from Chris when he first confronts her?

4. Describe Madame Marisha's concerns about Chris and Cathy's living arrangement.

5. Why does Bart prefer Apple over Clover?

6. How does Bart's first psychiatrist describe Bart to his parents?

7. What does John Amos teach Bart during their first lesson?

8. Describe Jory.

9. Describe Madame Marisha.

10. What does the rich woman offer Bart when he first comes to visit her?

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