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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What weakness does Chris point out when trying to persuade Cathy not to dance in the ballet?
(a) Trick knee.
(b) Ruptured disc.
(c) Weak ankles.
(d) Torn Achilles.

2. Who does Corinne want to take as her own?
(a) Jory.
(b) Bart.
(c) Apple.
(d) Cindy.

3. Where is Jory when he notices Clover is missing?
(a) The garden wall.
(b) Kitchen.
(c) Rodin statue.
(d) Veranda.

4. Who is coming to teach for Cathy at her school?
(a) Madame Marisha.
(b) Marie Dupont.
(c) Julian Marquet.
(d) Nicole Daughtry.

5. In the Horns of Dilemma, what does Bart talk about to Cathy that she finds disturbing?
(a) A mansion burning to the ground.
(b) His father, the handsome lawyer.
(c) A boy in an attic.
(d) Her mother at a Christmas party.

6. What is Bart stealing from his mom shortly after her accident?
(a) Her silver drop earrings.
(b) Her ballet slippers.
(c) Sections of her manuscript.
(d) Her love for Cindy.

7. In Homecoming, Bart, pretending to be Malcolm, demands toast and ________ for breakfast.
(a) Scotch.
(b) Apricot Marmalade.
(c) Tobacco pipe.
(d) Coffee.

8. What possession of Cathy's does Jory catch Bart deliberately breaking?
(a) Plaster mold of Bart and Jory's hands.
(b) China bowl.
(c) Porcelain ballerina.
(d) Ballet points.

9. Cathy removes her veil to show Chris what she did so she would no longer look like ________.
(a) Olivia.
(b) John Amos.
(c) Malcolm.
(d) Cathy.

10. In Gathering Darkness, what does Chris use to coax Bart out of bed?
(a) Chicken legs.
(b) Ant terrarium.
(c) Fish hatching.
(d) Lemon pie.

11. When confronting Corinne, Chris blames Bart's playacting on a lack of photographs of his __________?
(a) Father.
(b) Home.
(c) Grandmother.
(d) Self.

12. Now that Cathy cannot dance, what does she consume her time with?
(a) Baking.
(b) Playing with Cindy.
(c) Helping Bart.
(d) Writing a book.

13. After Bart shoves Cindy from Cathy's lap, Cathy calls him the child of her _________.
(a) Revenge.
(b) Passions.
(c) Maturity.
(d) Nightmares.

14. How does Bart say his real father died?
(a) Kenyan safari.
(b) Industrial accident.
(c) Heart failure.
(d) In a fire.

15. What reason does the old woman give to Jory for why she doesn't open the drapes in her windows?
(a) She feels safe in the darkness.
(b) She hasn't had the windows cleaned yet.
(c) The light hurts her eyes.
(d) Windows frighten her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Cathy send Bart after he attacks Cindy in her pool?

2. What role does Cathy tell Chris she is performing for the ballet?

3. What date does Jory ask Emma to remember in Tales of Evil?

4. When Bart ties Apple to a cart, and pretends to be a cowboy, his grandmother joins his make-believe by pretending to be a _________?

5. During their second confrontation, Corinne asks Chris if he loves Cathy as a man loves a _______.

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