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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III, Pages 241 through 374.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During their second confrontation, Corinne asks Chris if he loves Cathy as a man loves a _______.
(a) Wife.
(b) Sister.
(c) Friend.
(d) Mistress.

2. What did Bart accidentally kill by squeezing too tight?
(a) Chick.
(b) Caterpillar.
(c) Bunny.
(d) Mouse.

3. Why does Corinne admit to keeping John Amos around?
(a) He is blackmailing her.
(b) He is her most beloved friend.
(c) She needs help with the housekeeping.
(d) She is legally responsible for him.

4. When Corinne asks for Chris's forgiveness when they first meet in the mansion, Why does Chris say he can't?
(a) His life would cease to have meaning if he let go of his hate.
(b) Forgiveness is not his to give.
(c) He is too ashamed of her.
(d) He would be betraying Cathy.

5. What does Cathy recognize about Corrine first?
(a) Her pearls.
(b) Her portrait.
(c) Her voice.
(d) Her taste in furniture.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Jory is eavesdropping on his parents' argument downstairs, Cathy asks Chris if she reminds him of _______.

2. When Chris is in the attic with Cathy and Jory, what does he say has been burned to the ground?

3. After meeting with the old woman in the mansion for the first time, Jory thinks that two _____ are more than enough.

4. What is the name of Bart's second psychiatrist?

5. What color is Cathy's skimpy halter-top that she wears, to Bart's disapproval, while pushing Cindy in a baby swing?

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