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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part I, Pages 53 through 94.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bart take from Jory's garden and place into his?
(a) Cindy's toy truck.
(b) Clovers collar.
(c) Rock Border.
(d) Flowers.

2. When Jory has to ride the bus home from school, what does he hide in the ravine?
(a) Magazines.
(b) Bike.
(c) Pictures.
(d) Ballet shoes.

3. When one of Cathy's ballet students is injured in a car accident, what does Cathy beg Chris to do?
(a) Move to South Carolina.
(b) Take over Cathy's classes.
(c) Adopt the student's child.
(d) Become the student's doctor.

4. Who invites Bart to the mansion first?
(a) John Amos.
(b) Emma.
(c) The rich woman.
(d) Melodie.

5. After meeting with the old woman in the mansion for the first time, Jory thinks that two _____ are more than enough.
(a) Pets.
(b) Elderly Neighbors.
(c) Grandmothers.
(d) Crazies.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Bart's grandmother promises Bart his heart's desire as she rocks him in her rocking chair, what uncharacteristic thing does Bart suddenly want?

2. Jory thinks that no one should be given more attention than _____.

3. Who does Bart dream is leaving him?

4. What does Bart hate visiting when his family vacations in the East?

5. In My Heart's Desire, what does John Amos tell Bart being clever is?

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