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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part I, Pages 53 through 94.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who invites Bart to the mansion first?
(a) The rich woman.
(b) John Amos.
(c) Emma.
(d) Melodie.

2. Whose life does Cathy say she might have saved the only time she'd been right?
(a) Paul's.
(b) Damien's.
(c) Cory's.
(d) Nicole's.

3. When Jory is eavesdropping on his parents' argument downstairs, Cathy asks Chris if she reminds him of _______.
(a) Her.
(b) Malcolm.
(c) Madame Marisha.
(d) Corinne.

4. What is the rich woman hiding beneath her veil?
(a) Oxygen mask.
(b) Scars.
(c) Wart.
(d) Sores.

5. What did Bart accidentally kill by squeezing too tight?
(a) Bunny.
(b) Mouse.
(c) Caterpillar.
(d) Chick.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Jory and Bart plant to honor Uncle Cory's and Aunt Carrie's birthday?

2. What does Chris worry about adopting a child when Cathy reveals that she's already had the papers signed?

3. What is Bart told his "real" father's name is?

4. When Jory comes home from ballet class early to speak with Bart, who does Jory find Bart with?

5. What does Bart hate visiting when his family vacations in the East?

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