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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III, Pages 184 through 240.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The old woman tells Jory the first man she married was ________ to her.
(a) Forbidden.
(b) Indebted.
(c) Poisonous.
(d) Abusive.

2. When Bart's grandmother promises Bart his heart's desire as she rocks him in her rocking chair, what uncharacteristic thing does Bart suddenly want?
(a) A trip to Disneyland.
(b) Piles of money.
(c) A walking cane.
(d) A puppy pony.

3. Who does Bart dream is leaving him?
(a) Jory.
(b) Chris.
(c) Cathy.
(d) His grandmother.

4. When confronting Corinne, Chris blames Bart's playacting on a lack of photographs of his __________?
(a) Home.
(b) Self.
(c) Grandmother.
(d) Father.

5. What do Cathy's doctors confine her to after her accident?
(a) Mental-health wing.
(b) Crutches.
(c) Bedroom.
(d) Wheelchair.

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Cathy's fall during a series of pirouettes?

2. What is Bart making for Clover?

3. Bart thinks that doctors are always seeing blood because they're always cutting into people. What blood is Chris noticing when Bart thinks this?

4. In Tales of Evil, the old woman asks Jory if he could forgive his parents for _________.

5. As Bart is waiting to die under the shrubs, who's problems does he think he is he solving?

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