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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III, Pages 184 through 240.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Bart punish Apple after he returns from the hospital?
(a) Apple isn't excited to see him.
(b) Apple is alive.
(c) Apple growls at him.
(d) Apple cowers.

2. The old woman tells Jory the first man she married was ________ to her.
(a) Abusive.
(b) Indebted.
(c) Poisonous.
(d) Forbidden.

3. Cathy removes her veil to show Chris what she did so she would no longer look like ________.
(a) Malcolm.
(b) John Amos.
(c) Cathy.
(d) Olivia.

4. What does Cathy choreograph for herself and Jory?
(a) Solos.
(b) Brisé
(c) Dramatic entrances.
(d) Pas de duex.

5. What does Chris call the old woman next door after he meets her?
(a) Mother.
(b) Mrs. Malcolm.
(c) Corinne.
(d) Sister Mary.

Short Answer Questions

1. During Chris and Corinne's first confrontation, how does Jory know Bart is in the room?

2. What does Bart say to deter Emma from following through with her threat to spank him?

3. Who is coming to teach for Cathy at her school?

4. What is Bart pretending to be when he attacks Cindy in her pool?

5. What is the psychiatrist's name that Cathy and Chris first send Bart to?

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