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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III, Pages 184 through 240.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What favorite food does Bart reject when he comes home from the hospital?
(a) Short ribs.
(b) Apple pie.
(c) Mashed potatoes.
(d) Strawberry shortcake.

2. Cathy removes her veil to show Chris what she did so she would no longer look like ________.
(a) Malcolm.
(b) Olivia.
(c) John Amos.
(d) Cathy.

3. What is the name of Bart's second psychiatrist?
(a) Dr. Mary Oberman.
(b) Dr. Hermes.
(c) Dr. Alexandra Hearst.
(d) Dr. Marie Dubois.

4. In My Heart's Desire, what does John Amos tell Bart being clever is?
(a) Knowing nothing is ever enough.
(b) Getting away with a deception.
(c) Swiping their treasures from under their noses.
(d) Not letting people suspect how smart you are.

5. What does Cathy remember Madame Marisha saying she would have no life without?
(a) Children.
(b) Dancing.
(c) Chris.
(d) Reconciliation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does the old woman give to Jory for why she doesn't open the drapes in her windows?

2. When conversing with Bart, why does John Amos say Cathy is writing her book?

3. What does Jory find twisted around Clover's neck?

4. Where does Bart's grandmother tell him her son ran away to in the chapter, My Heart's Desire?

5. Who is Emma talking about in the chapter titled Shadows when she says, "Isn't she a living doll?"

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