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Objective: Bart describes Jory as "insultin'" and "hateful" when Jory waits on the top step for Bart to catch up. Bart voices a strong opinion of many other things and his point of view is fanciful. his lesson will study Bart's reliability as a narrator.

1) Class Discussion: Read a selection of Bart's narration. Is Bart's point of view reliable? Are there specific descriptions in Bart's narration that are unreliable? Bart's mother says she can't get a straight answer from him. Can the reader get straight-forward information from his narration?

2) Group Activity: Have each group select an aspect from the assigned reading that describes an event that is skewed by Bart's view of it. Groups will present their assigned event as it would read without Bart's point of view, and will conclude how Bart's point of view flavors the event.

3) Writing Assignment: Have students write a paper describing...

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