If There Be Thorns Fun Activities

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Coppelia Ballet

Cathy injures her knee while performing in Coppelia with Jory. Watch a video performance of Coppelia, identifying the parts played by Cathy and Jory.

If There Be Thorns Memory Game

Make a grid of small squares. Write actions or descriptions on half of the squares, writing the characters' names that fit the action or description on the other half. Players will select two squares to turn over at a time, attempting to match a character to their action.

Cindy's Perspective

As a narrative perspective Cindy is missing from the novel. Rewrite scenes in which she is present from her perspective, making an effort to write in the voice of a two year old.

Grandma Fashion

Using fabric scraps and paper as a background, demonstrate the preferred fashions for Corrine and Madame Marisha.

John Amos Sculpture

Using descriptions of John Amos from the novel, make a likeness...

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