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Part I, Page 1-53

• Jory overhears Cathy and Chris talking about a grandmother they are afraid of and how they knew each other when Cathy was fourteen.

• A rich, old woman moves into the house next door to the boys.

• Cathy wants to adopt her student's daughter.

• The woman next door invites Bart over to visit, bribing him with treats, toys, and pets

• The woman tells Bart to call her grandmother.

• John Amos tells Bart the woman is his grandmother and that she was once married to Bart's real father, Bartholomew Winslow.

Part I, Pages 53 through 94

• Cathy and Chris fight over adopting Cindy.

• Jory finds Bart sitting on the old woman's lap next door.

• Chris and Cathy adopt Cindy.

• The old woman gives Bart a dog that he pretends is a pony and names Apple.

• Jory decides not to tell his parents about Apple.

• Bart is discovered with...

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