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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In whom is Ludmilla currently romantically interested?
(a) Irnerio.
(b) The reader.
(c) Cavedagna.
(d) Marana.

2. Why is the reader put in a prison run by revolutionaries?
(a) So he can read their literature.
(b) So he can be educated about the cause.
(c) So he can escape.
(d) So he can be tortured.

3. Against whom does the main character in "Around an Empty Grave" prepare to defend himself?
(a) Faustino.
(b) Dona Jazmina.
(c) Anacleta.
(d) Oqiedal.

4. Who are the people who have developed a system to write novels with less effort?
(a) The Americans.
(b) The French.
(c) The English.
(d) The Japanese.

5. What does Flannery find missing from his room?
(a) Family photographs.
(b) Pages from a manuscript.
(c) His personal documents.
(d) His collection of books.

6. What does Marana often do to delay his submissions?
(a) He writes letters.
(b) He changes publishers.
(c) He makes phone calls.
(d) He goes on vacation.

7. According to Marana, who has kidnapped him?
(a) Flannery.
(c) Cavedagna.
(d) OAP.

8. Who are those in "What Story Down There Awaits its End?" who want to tear down the world and bring it back up?
(a) Others.
(b) Readers.
(c) Agents.
(d) Women.

9. What is the name of Amarant's mother?
(a) Anacleta.
(b) Faustino.
(c) Dona Jazmina.
(d) Oqiedal.

10. From looking in Ludmilla's kitchen, what can the reader determine?
(a) Ludmilla eats out a lot.
(b) Ludmilla cooks a lot.
(c) Ludmilla doesn't like to clean.
(d) Ludmilla doesn't often have company.

11. To whom is the main character in "What Story Down There Awaits its End?" most similar?
(a) Irnerio.
(b) Flannery.
(c) Lotaria.
(d) The reader.

12. How does Flannery want his readers to read?
(a) Passively.
(b) Slowly.
(c) Actively.
(d) Quickly.

13. Which of the following describes Ludmilla's book collection?
(a) Small and hidden.
(b) Large but organized.
(c) Small but organized.
(d) Large and taking up multiple shelves.

14. Of whom does Flannery become jealous?
(a) Ludmilla.
(b) Cavedagna.
(c) The reader.
(d) Lotaria.

15. What is the name of Dona Jazmina's daughter?
(a) Jacinta.
(b) Hyacinth.
(c) Oqiedal.
(d) Anacleta.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does OEPHLW stand for?

2. Who does the reader imagine is the woman Marana describes in his letters?

3. What is the name of the writer of "In a Network of Lines that Enlace"?

4. What do both wings of the OAP have in common?

5. In Chapter 8, what type of book does Ludmilla like?

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