Objects & Places from If on a Winter's Night a Traveler

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Object Descriptions

Petkwo - This is a town in the north that is the setting for Outside the Town of Malbork.

Cimmeria - This area is torn apart by war in ancient times.

Kudgiwa Pension - This is where the main characters rest in the book Learning from the Steep Slope.

Cimbrian - This is the civilization that was able to overpower another.

Cerro Negro, South America - This is a village were Marana fled to.

Ataguitania - This is a location with a high level of censorship.

Ircania - This is where the reader is sent to perform a secret mission.

Prospect - This is where What Story Down There Awaits Its End? takes place.

Apocrypha - This is the word that refers to any work of unknown origin.

Organization for the Electronic Production of Homogenized Li - This is the organization founded by Marana to generate novels...

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