If on a Winter's Night a Traveler Character Descriptions

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The Reader - This character is the "you" - the person to whom the writer is talking.

Ludmilla - This character is addicted to reading, and her lover becomes jealous of the authors she reads to escape him.

Lotaria - This character is convinced that all reading should be done to find a deeper meaning, not for fun.

Ermes Marana - This character is the novel's bad guy and he is mischievous.

Mr. Cavedagna - This character is a worker at the publishing house.

Silas Flannery - This character is the author at the center of a controversy.

Professor Uzzi-Tuzii - This character is knowledgeable about Cimmerian language.

Irnerio - This character taught himself to read and believes it is a forced method of communication.

Galligani - This character knows about Cimbrian language.

Director General of the State Police Archives. - This character houses and catalogs books...

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