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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Bombeck claim to have discovered as her clothing designer?
(a) K-Mart Brand.
(b) Number 32.
(c) Made in Taiwan.
(d) Inspector 56.

2. In "A Baby's Bill of Rights," for what offense would Bombeck assign a penalty?
(a) Tossing the baby in the air after eating.
(b) Dressing the baby like a doll.
(c) Waking the baby to show him off to visitors.
(d) Using baby talk.

3. In Bombeck's son's example of his mother's lessons in logic, what would prevent a child from not being allowed to go to the store?
(a) Getting anything lower than a B on their report cards.
(b) Getting a detention from the principal.
(c) Wearing dirty clothes from the day before.
(d) Hurting themselves if they fall off their bikes.

4. In "Constitutionality of Drive-in Windows," what did Bombeck decide she would rather do as opposed to getting out of her car?
(a) Take her business elsewhere.
(b) Grow longer arms.
(c) Send her child inside.
(d) Have her husband take care of the errands.

5. What sort of bikini was a trend in "Fashions and Fads that Underwhelmed Me"?
(a) Pink polka dot bikini.
(b) One-piece bikini.
(c) Diaper bikini.
(d) Three piece bikini.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why would Bombeck have felt self-conscious during "Constitutionality of Drive-in Windows?"

2. After her son moves out, into what does Bombeck transform his bedroom?

3. In Bombeck's analogy for children, why is their success bittersweet?

4. Why would Bombeck's theoretical winning contestant have been disqualified from the coat?

5. Why did Bombeck dislike several fashion trends?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some parts of "A Baby's Bill of Rights?"

2. What are some of the fashions Bombeck discusses in "Fashions and Fads that Underwhelmed Me"?

3. In Bombeck's theoretical game show, what would lead to the winning contestant winning a mink coat?

4. What prank did Bombeck's husband play on her in "Register Camera Nuts" and how did she react?

5. What were Bombeck's observations in regards to shopping carts?

6. What was Bombeck's plan to get children to eat healthier in "Illegal Possession of Junk Food?"

7. What is "Inspector 56?"

8. Describe two parts of Bombeck's vacation laws.

9. In "Joe Carter's Jubilance and Excitement Seminar," what are some of Bombeck's five aspects of decorum?

10. What is significant about Bombeck's discovery of false eyelashes in purses from her mother?

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