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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Bombeck claim to have discovered as her clothing designer?
(a) Inspector 56.
(b) K-Mart Brand.
(c) Made in Taiwan.
(d) Number 32.

2. What did Bombeck cite as something that should never be considered "an act of war?"
(a) A baby splashing water on an adult.
(b) A baby waking up the parents by crying.
(c) A baby spitting up on one's shoulder.
(d) A baby throwing food.

3. After her son moves out, into what does Bombeck transform his bedroom?
(a) An exercise room.
(b) A television room.
(c) A guest room.
(d) A storage space.

4. What did Bombeck predict as being the future of game show contestants?
(a) They would need to undergo training.
(b) They would have to sign a waiver.
(c) They would be forced to sign over their houses?
(d) They would be used to train CIA agents.

5. What were Bombeck's friends' opinions on game shows?
(a) They believed they were bad you.
(b) They gambled on them.
(c) They used them to learn new facts.
(d) They were obsessed with them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Bombeck believe a baby should be allowed to decide?

2. What joke did Bombeck's husband once play on her in "Register Camera Nuts?"

3. What sort of bikini was a trend in "Fashions and Fads that Underwhelmed Me"?

4. For what offense would Bombeck not be convicted, according to "Register Camera Nuts?"

5. What did Bombeck's child need in order to come home from college in "How to Speak Child Fluently?"

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe "Things My Mother Taught Me" and how it made Bombeck feel.

2. Why was Bombeck's son resistant to putting away his clean laundry?

3. In "Warning: Families May Be Dangerous To Your Health," what were signs that Bombeck's son was growing up?

4. In Bombeck's theoretical game show, what would lead to the winning contestant winning a mink coat?

5. What was Bombeck's plan to get children to eat healthier in "Illegal Possession of Junk Food?"

6. For what reasons did Jackie believe game shows were bad for people?

7. What is "Inspector 56?"

8. What is significant about Bombeck's discovery of false eyelashes in purses from her mother?

9. Why was Bombeck always consistently cold in "The Right to Declare War?"

10. What impressed Bombeck most about the women on game shows?

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