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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Bombeck want to recognize Tom Suggs in her column?
(a) His ability to relieve his wife's depression.
(b) His ability to discipline his children from across the country.
(c) His dedication to his career.
(d) His decision to sacrifice his marriage for his children.

2. Why did Bombeck begin to brown-nose her butcher?
(a) She accidentally insulted his profession.
(b) She found that he sells special cuts of meat to his favorite customers.
(c) She was afraid that he was about to quit the butcher shop.
(d) The price of meat went up.

3. When Bombeck noticed that her children's appearances were particularly disheveled one day, what was the occasion?
(a) Football game.
(b) School picture day.
(c) School social.
(d) Last day of school.

4. What was Bombeck never able to see in a movie because of her husband's bad habit in "If You Thought the Wedding Was Bad"?
(a) The opening credits.
(b) The movie trailers.
(c) The murder victim before the victim's death.
(d) The new couple's first date.

5. What did Bombeck claim to threaten her children with if they were to have company over while the parents were away?
(a) Taking away allowances.
(b) Increasing the household chores to fill their days.
(c) Grounding in their rooms through the teenage years.
(d) Forbidding them to get their driver's license.

Short Answer Questions

1. When discussing when a child should call their parent with an emergency at work, what piece of furniture was taken into consideration?

2. What did Bombeck's mother ask for in "Why Can't Our Average Little Family Get Their Own TV Series?" when Bombeck puts a halt to all of the action?

3. What did Bombeck claim people only saw when discussing Tom Suggs and his career?

4. What did Bombeck's butcher begin to offer her in "Have a Good Day?"

5. In "The Varicose Open," what would Bombeck not have allowed to grow together?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Bombeck point out about people's perceptions of Tom and Lorraine Suggs?

2. Who was Lionel?

3. In "Who Killed Apple Pie?", what does Bombeck say started to happen to housewives and what was the result?

4. With what issue did Bombeck struggle in "The Varicose Open" and why?

5. What does Bombeck hypothesize about the reasons so many marriages fail?

6. According to Bombeck, what was the result of the coffee boycott in 1942?

7. What annoyances does Bombeck describe in "If You Thought the Wedding Was Bad?"

8. Describe Bombeck's tennis tips in "The Varicose Open."

9. What were some of the snoring "cures" Bombeck considered for her husband?

10. What were some of the basic tasks that Bombeck's family were unable to perform in "Is There Life After Mine?"

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