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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Bombeck's butcher begin to offer her in "Have a Good Day?"
(a) Cooking lessons.
(b) An apprenticeship.
(c) A low price on good cuts of meat.
(d) Motorcycle lessons.

2. Where did some women store their second tennis ball?
(a) Their ball-handler.
(b) The leg of their tennis panties.
(c) Their weaker hand.
(d) Their bra.

3. What did most people tell Lorraine Suggs about her situation with her family?
(a) She was fortunate that her husband was always out-of-town.
(b) She complained too much about being busy.
(c) She was being taken advantage of by her family.
(d) She had every right to try to divorce her husband for negligence.

4. According to "White Socks in a Pantyhose World," why would the research rat have died of a heart attack?
(a) It would have had to deal with the noise level of the average household.
(b) It would have needed cleaner air.
(c) It would have ridden in the car with a teenager who had earned his learner's permit.
(d) It would have played dress-up with the children.

5. When discussing when a child should call their parent with an emergency at work, what piece of furniture was taken into consideration?
(a) The dining room table.
(b) The sofa without Scotch Guard.
(c) The family rocking chair.
(d) The antique trunk.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Bombeck noticed that her children's appearances were particularly disheveled one day, what was the occasion?

2. What did Bombeck claim to threaten her children with if they were to have company over while the parents were away?

3. What famous actress did Bombeck claim to worry about going bald?

4. What did Bombeck's children claim the adults would have problems managing in "Why Can't We Have Our Own Apartment?"

5. To what event did Bombeck refer to as the "Great Caffeine Drought of 1942?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What question did Bombeck discuss in "Mother Mystique" and what was her answer?

2. What does Bombeck hypothesize about the reasons so many marriages fail?

3. What were some of the basic tasks that Bombeck's family were unable to perform in "Is There Life After Mine?"

4. What did Bombeck claim about remembering children's names in "Haven't I Always Loved Whatshisname Best?"

5. According to "If You Thought the Wedding Was Bad," what were some of the differences between men and women that should be discussed prior to the wedding?

6. What annoyances does Bombeck describe in "If You Thought the Wedding Was Bad?"

7. In "Who Killed Apple Pie?", what does Bombeck say started to happen to housewives and what was the result?

8. How did Bombeck achieve lower costs with her butcher?

9. According to Bombeck, what was the result of the coffee boycott in 1942?

10. What was the purpose of the article about the female architect and how did it make Bombeck feel as a result?

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