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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "A Baby's Bill of Rights," for what offense would Bombeck assign a penalty?
(a) Tossing the baby in the air after eating.
(b) Dressing the baby like a doll.
(c) Waking the baby to show him off to visitors.
(d) Using baby talk.

2. What joke did Bombeck's husband once play on her in "Register Camera Nuts?"
(a) He pretended to lose their film.
(b) He pretended all of their vacation photos were ruined.
(c) He pretended to take a picture of her hips.
(d) He pretended to take a picture of her first thing in the morning.

3. Where did Bombeck find the dried French fry in "Warning: Families May Be Dangerous To Your Health?"
(a) Her son's backpack.
(b) Her son's saxophone case.
(c) Her son's binder.
(d) Her son's shoestrings to his gym shoes.

4. What did Bombeck once note about the features of a shopping cart?
(a) It had no brakes.
(b) One wheel was always loose.
(c) The steering was off.
(d) The basket was too small.

5. What was Bombeck unable to find when her son needed a particular object to return to school?
(a) Paper.
(b) Crayons.
(c) His health card.
(d) His birth certificate.

6. When "[staggering] the IRS men", what would a winning game show contestant be carrying?
(a) A bag of gold.
(b) A large check.
(c) Keys to a new car.
(d) Tickets to Paris.

7. In the theoretical game show scenario, what would the winning currency be?
(a) Pesos.
(b) Italian Lira.
(c) Yen.
(d) Francs.

8. In Bombeck's son's example of his mother's lessons in logic, what would prevent a child from not being allowed to go to the store?
(a) Wearing dirty clothes from the day before.
(b) Hurting themselves if they fall off their bikes.
(c) Getting anything lower than a B on their report cards.
(d) Getting a detention from the principal.

9. From what months did Bombeck claim to always be cold?
(a) May until September.
(b) September until December.
(c) November until March.
(d) July until October.

10. What impressed Bombeck most about contestant's knowledge?
(a) The singularity of their expertise.
(b) Their lack thereof.
(c) The amount of sheer luck.
(d) The breadth of their knowledge.

11. When did Bombeck's son begin to believe that he was unappreciated by everyone?
(a) When he became a teenager.
(b) When he started college.
(c) When he got his driver's license.
(d) When he became employed.

12. In Bombeck's analogy for children, why is their success bittersweet?
(a) They will not need to rely exclusively on you anymore.
(b) A mother no longer knows their children best.
(c) They will never come home again.
(d) They will soon break free.

13. According to Bombeck, what was notable about using a shopping cart?
(a) Anyone could use one without qualifications.
(b) Once one begins to use a shopping cart, that person must then fill it up with groceries, necessary or not.
(c) A child still needed to be buckled into their seat.
(d) It was geared towards taller shoppers.

14. Why would Bombeck's theoretical winning contestant have been disqualified from the coat?
(a) It did not match her hair.
(b) It gifted to someone else.
(c) It would not have been in her size.
(d) It was last year's style.

15. What does Bombeck worry her son will never do?
(a) Leave their town.
(b) Marry.
(c) Find a career that makes him happy.
(d) Graduate college.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Bombeck predict as being the future of game show contestants?

2. Which of the following is not a fad listed by Bombed as trends that she knew would soon go away?

3. What did Bombeck cite as something that should never be considered "an act of war?"

4. For what reasons would one call legal aid on an exist ramp?

5. In "Constitutionality of Drive-in Windows," what did Bombeck decide she would rather do as opposed to getting out of her car?

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