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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Bombeck in "Primer for Imaginative Children," what can food from the refrigerator not do?
(a) Fulfill all nutritional requirements for the day.
(b) Act as an excuse for a child's forgetfulness.
(c) Cook itself to the children's specifications.
(d) Put itself away.

2. To what event did Bombeck refer to as the "Great Caffeine Drought of 1942?"
(a) Her attempts to wean herself off of coffee.
(b) Her attempts to switch from coffee to tea.
(c) A coffee boycott.
(d) The surgeon general's misleading warning about caffeine.

3. Why was a doctor's appointment no longer an excusable absence at work?
(a) The employee can only leave for doctor's appointments for the children.
(b) The office could not confirm if the employee had a doctor's appointment.
(c) If the person is well enough to go the doctor, they are well enough to work.
(d) The employee needed to keep their health insurance costs down.

4. What realization did Bombeck have in "Why Can't Our Average Little Family Get Their Own TV Series?"
(a) Watching TV was not a bonding experience for her family.
(b) She preferred to do household chores while pretending to be in a sitcom.
(c) Her family was not funny.
(d) Her family preferred books over television.

5. When discussing when a child should call their parent with an emergency at work, what piece of furniture was taken into consideration?
(a) The family rocking chair.
(b) The antique trunk.
(c) The sofa without Scotch Guard.
(d) The dining room table.

6. For what title would Bombeck like to have nominated Lorraine Suggs?
(a) Mother of the Month.
(b) The Thinking Mother's Mother.
(c) Mother Maryress.
(d) Mother of the Year.

7. Why did Bombeck claim to be unable to store a second tennis ball like other women?
(a) She needed both hands for tennis.
(b) She was never able to talk her child into being in charge of the tennis balls.
(c) She did not like having a ball stored in her bra.
(d) She did not have enough room in her tennis panties.

8. In "White Socks in a Pantyhose World," what did Bombeck admit to being?
(a) A total gossip.
(b) A worrier.
(c) A natural born leader.
(d) A bad cook.

9. What was Bombeck never able to see in a movie because of her husband's bad habit in "If You Thought the Wedding Was Bad"?
(a) The movie trailers.
(b) The murder victim before the victim's death.
(c) The opening credits.
(d) The new couple's first date.

10. What did Bombeck's butcher begin to offer her in "Have a Good Day?"
(a) Cooking lessons.
(b) Motorcycle lessons.
(c) An apprenticeship.
(d) A low price on good cuts of meat.

11. What does Bombeck claim is the purpose of "If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits?"
(a) Escaping reality.
(b) Survival.
(c) Living the better life.
(d) Exercising the mind.

12. According to Bombeck's list of guidelines that determine whether a child should call their parent at work, the amount of what substance ought to be evaluated to constitute an emergency?
(a) Ink.
(b) Juice.
(c) Blood.
(d) Water.

13. According to "White Socks in a Pantyhose World," why would the research rat have died of a heart attack?
(a) It would have had to deal with the noise level of the average household.
(b) It would have needed cleaner air.
(c) It would have ridden in the car with a teenager who had earned his learner's permit.
(d) It would have played dress-up with the children.

14. According to Bombeck's mother, why did she name her daughter "Erma"?
(a) She wanted to name her daughter after her grandmother.
(b) She claimed it was easy to remember.
(c) She wanted her daughter to stand out in a crowd.
(d) She wanted her daughter to have a classic name.

15. How did Bombeck claim to use to help thaw out pork chops?
(a) Her bathtub.
(b) Her furnace.
(c) The heat of her underarms.
(d) Her windowsill in the sunroom.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Bombeck claim her husband sounded like in "If You Thought the Wedding Was Bad"?

2. What was better than backhand, according to Bombeck's tennis advice?

3. Why were operations discouraged in "Primer for the Imaginative Children?"

4. What did most people tell Lorraine Suggs about her situation with her family?

5. When her family mourned Bombeck's imaginary death in "Is There Life After Mine?" what did they regret the most?

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