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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what reasons did people believe Lorraine Suggs had the perfect life?
(a) She was able to get out of the house once in awhile.
(b) Her children always kept the house perfectly clean and had their homework done every night.
(c) She never had to deal with her neglectful husband.
(d) Her children were never in trouble.

2. Why did Bombeck want to recognize Tom Suggs in her column?
(a) His ability to discipline his children from across the country.
(b) His ability to relieve his wife's depression.
(c) His dedication to his career.
(d) His decision to sacrifice his marriage for his children.

3. In "Mother Mystique," what did Bombeck believe was the only way for a mother to survive?
(a) Knowing what their children were always doing.
(b) Taking control of the car radio.
(c) Sending the children to school.
(d) Assigning chores.

4. What did Bombeck's butcher continually refuse to do?
(a) Allow her to write a column about his customers.
(b) Visit her house to evaluate what she did wrong in cooking a roast.
(c) Offer her lower prices on meat.
(d) Give her lessons in properly preparing chicken for pasta.

5. What do Bombeck and her husband wish to do in "Why Can't We Have Our Own Apartment?"
(a) Move to England.
(b) Move to a duplex and give their kids the other side on their own.
(c) Move into their own apartment.
(d) Move to New York City.

6. In "The Varicose Open," what would Bombeck not have allowed to grow together?
(a) Her knees.
(b) Her eyebrows.
(c) Her legs.
(d) Her feet.

7. What did Bombeck claim people only saw when discussing Tom Suggs and his career?
(a) The positive side of constantly travelling.
(b) The downside to being away from one's family.
(c) People claimed he had the perfect opportunity to be unfaithful to his wife.
(d) People believed he was thoughtless when going on business trips.

8. What was better than backhand, according to Bombeck's tennis advice?
(a) Rushing around a served ball.
(b) Claiming a line foul after the ball was served.
(c) Letting the ball go out of bounds.
(d) Taunting the server.

9. In "Why Can't Our Average Little Family Get Their Own TV Series?" what exists in order to break up the action of a piece?
(a) Bathroom breaks.
(b) Dentist appointments.
(c) Commercials.
(d) Household chores.

10. According to Bombeck, what could her mother never get right about her, despite her status as an only child?
(a) Her name.
(b) Her wedding anniversary.
(c) Her birthday.
(d) Her age.

11. According to Bombeck, what was not necessary for tennis?
(a) Speed.
(b) Concentration.
(c) Coordination.
(d) Knowledge of the sport.

12. What did most people tell Lorraine Suggs about her situation with her family?
(a) She had every right to try to divorce her husband for negligence.
(b) She was fortunate that her husband was always out-of-town.
(c) She was being taken advantage of by her family.
(d) She complained too much about being busy.

13. According to Bombeck, after driving the mother crazy, what would happen to the father if a child were to meet them at the door after work?
(a) He would go back to work.
(b) He would get in the car and go eat at a restaurant.
(c) He would walk into the house and grab a beer before anything else.
(d) He would rupture a neck vein.

14. Why were operations discouraged in "Primer for the Imaginative Children?"
(a) Too many people were using superfluous operations as an excuse for a vacation.
(b) The employee was hired in complete condition and, thus, must stay that way.
(c) Employers no longer believed in surgery.
(d) The operations cost the company too much money.

15. For what title would Bombeck like to have nominated Tom Suggs?
(a) Absent Father of Last Decade.
(b) Father of the Decade.
(c) Father and Martyr.
(d) Husband of the Month.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Bombeck's family not mastered in "Is There Life After Mine?"

2. What literary genre is "Why Can't We Have Our Own Apartment?"

3. Why did Bombeck begin to brown-nose her butcher?

4. According to Bombeck in "Primer for Imaginative Children," what can food from the refrigerator not do?

5. In "Who Killed Apple Pie?," what does Bombeck discuss as being no longer fulfilling for women?

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