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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "If You Thought the Wedding Was Bad," what was the problem not discussed that destroyed marriages?
(a) Hygiene.
(b) Table manners.
(c) Literary habits.
(d) Snoring.

2. What does Bombeck claim is the purpose of "If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits?"
(a) Survival.
(b) Living the better life.
(c) Exercising the mind.
(d) Escaping reality.

3. According to Bombeck's mother, why did she name her daughter "Erma"?
(a) She wanted her daughter to stand out in a crowd.
(b) She wanted to name her daughter after her grandmother.
(c) She claimed it was easy to remember.
(d) She wanted her daughter to have a classic name.

4. What was the best way to stall in tennis by Bombeck's standards?
(a) Problems with the tape wrapped around the tennis handle.
(b) Claiming dehydration.
(c) Retying a shoe.
(d) A sudden muscle cramp.

5. Which of the following did Bombeck not claim to do as a reaction to the "Great Caffeine Drought of 1942?"
(a) Buttered her hand.
(b) Shaved her tongue.
(c) Bleached her black clothing.
(d) Noticed the drafts caused by her eyelashes.

6. Who was "I. Dunno," according to Bombeck?
(a) Their homework assignments.
(b) The dog.
(c) A spoiled kid.
(d) The daily weather.

7. What realization did Bombeck have in "Why Can't Our Average Little Family Get Their Own TV Series?"
(a) Her family was not funny.
(b) Her family preferred books over television.
(c) She preferred to do household chores while pretending to be in a sitcom.
(d) Watching TV was not a bonding experience for her family.

8. According to "White Socks in a Pantyhose World," why would the research rat have died of a heart attack?
(a) It would have ridden in the car with a teenager who had earned his learner's permit.
(b) It would have played dress-up with the children.
(c) It would have had to deal with the noise level of the average household.
(d) It would have needed cleaner air.

9. What did Bombeck's mother ask for in "Why Can't Our Average Little Family Get Their Own TV Series?" when Bombeck puts a halt to all of the action?
(a) Tea.
(b) Coffee.
(c) Water.
(d) Bourbon.

10. In "Mother Mystique," what did Bombeck believe was the only way for a mother to survive?
(a) Assigning chores.
(b) Knowing what their children were always doing.
(c) Sending the children to school.
(d) Taking control of the car radio.

11. What did Bombeck claim to threaten her children with if they were to have company over while the parents were away?
(a) Increasing the household chores to fill their days.
(b) Taking away allowances.
(c) Grounding in their rooms through the teenage years.
(d) Forbidding them to get their driver's license.

12. In "Who Killed Apple Pie?," what does Bombeck discuss as being no longer fulfilling for women?
(a) Housework.
(b) Going to church.
(c) Marriage.
(d) Having children.

13. What was I.Dunno incapable of doing on time?
(a) Being on time for curfew.
(b) Returning library books.
(c) Letting the parents know about important school events.
(d) Turning in homework assignments.

14. According to Bombeck, after driving the mother crazy, what would happen to the father if a child were to meet them at the door after work?
(a) He would get in the car and go eat at a restaurant.
(b) He would go back to work.
(c) He would rupture a neck vein.
(d) He would walk into the house and grab a beer before anything else.

15. Who was "I. Dontcare?"
(a) I. Dunno's brother.
(b) The title of a children's book.
(c) Her son's homework assignment.
(d) Her daughter's imaginary friend.

Short Answer Questions

1. What were children still unaware of, according to Bombeck, in "At What Age Is a Child Capable of Dressing Himself"?

2. What did Bombeck claim people only saw when discussing Tom Suggs and his career?

3. During "Primer for Imaginative Children," what should children watch out for with their dog?

4. Why did Bombeck claim to be unable to store a second tennis ball like other women?

5. In "The Varicose Open," what would Bombeck not have allowed to grow together?

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