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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Mother Mystique," what did Bombeck believe was the only way for a mother to survive?
(a) Taking control of the car radio.
(b) Assigning chores.
(c) Sending the children to school.
(d) Knowing what their children were always doing.

2. Why were operations discouraged in "Primer for the Imaginative Children?"
(a) Employers no longer believed in surgery.
(b) Too many people were using superfluous operations as an excuse for a vacation.
(c) The employee was hired in complete condition and, thus, must stay that way.
(d) The operations cost the company too much money.

3. What was Bombeck's final pet peeve with her husband in "If You Thought the Wedding Was Bad"?
(a) Not putting gas in the car.
(b) Running late.
(c) Talking back to the radio.
(d) Not taking out the garbage.

4. What has Bombeck's family not mastered in "Is There Life After Mine?"
(a) Table manners.
(b) Taking messages on the phone.
(c) Basic household chores.
(d) Listening to her.

5. In "White Socks in a Pantyhose World," what did Bombeck admit to being?
(a) A worrier.
(b) A bad cook.
(c) A natural born leader.
(d) A total gossip.

6. To what question was "I. Dontcare" the response?
(a) When their homework was due.
(b) When their friend was coming over.
(c) Where their sibling was hiding.
(d) Whether anyone would like liver for dinner.

7. When her family mourned Bombeck's imaginary death in "Is There Life After Mine?" what did they regret the most?
(a) They never appreciated her cooking.
(b) They never learned how to mow the grass.
(c) They never cleaned out the attic.
(d) Their inability to change the toilet paper roll.

8. What would drive a mother crazy if the child were to meet that parent at the door with this?
(a) A torn up living room because of the dog.
(b) A list of phone messages from the previous week.
(c) Dirty dishes.
(d) Complaints about the other kids.

9. According to Bombeck's mother, why did she name her daughter "Erma"?
(a) She claimed it was easy to remember.
(b) She wanted her daughter to stand out in a crowd.
(c) She wanted her daughter to have a classic name.
(d) She wanted to name her daughter after her grandmother.

10. For what title would Bombeck like to have nominated Tom Suggs?
(a) Father of the Decade.
(b) Husband of the Month.
(c) Absent Father of Last Decade.
(d) Father and Martyr.

11. What was better than backhand, according to Bombeck's tennis advice?
(a) Claiming a line foul after the ball was served.
(b) Taunting the server.
(c) Letting the ball go out of bounds.
(d) Rushing around a served ball.

12. What did Bombeck claim people only saw when discussing Tom Suggs and his career?
(a) People claimed he had the perfect opportunity to be unfaithful to his wife.
(b) The downside to being away from one's family.
(c) The positive side of constantly travelling.
(d) People believed he was thoughtless when going on business trips.

13. Why did Bombeck claim to be unable to store a second tennis ball like other women?
(a) She did not like having a ball stored in her bra.
(b) She did not have enough room in her tennis panties.
(c) She was never able to talk her child into being in charge of the tennis balls.
(d) She needed both hands for tennis.

14. According to Bombeck, after driving the mother crazy, what would happen to the father if a child were to meet them at the door after work?
(a) He would get in the car and go eat at a restaurant.
(b) He would walk into the house and grab a beer before anything else.
(c) He would rupture a neck vein.
(d) He would go back to work.

15. What did Bombeck's butcher continually refuse to do?
(a) Visit her house to evaluate what she did wrong in cooking a roast.
(b) Offer her lower prices on meat.
(c) Give her lessons in properly preparing chicken for pasta.
(d) Allow her to write a column about his customers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Bombeck's butcher begin to offer her in "Have a Good Day?"

2. According to her daughter's announcement, what was about to be made illegal because of a bill in Congress?

3. What was the best way to stall in tennis by Bombeck's standards?

4. According to Bombeck's list of guidelines that determine whether a child should call their parent at work, the amount of what substance ought to be evaluated to constitute an emergency?

5. What famous actress did Bombeck claim to worry about going bald?

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