If I Stay Short Essay - Answer Key

Gayle Forman
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1. How is If I Say structured? How are the different sections of the novel delineated?

How I Stay is structured as a first-person account of a series of events over the course of a 24-hour period. As such, chapters are not titled but the different sections of narrative are delineated by times, such as "7:09 a.m." and "12:19 a.m."

2. How is Mia's character introduced by the author in the opening of the novel? What does the reader learn about Mia in "7:09 a.m."?

Mia's character is introduced immediately in the novel as she is the first-person narrator of the story. The reader learns that Mia is 17 years old, has a younger brother named Teddy, and loves her family. She also has a boyfriend named Adam who is a musician.

3. Where does Mia's family live? How is this setting described?

Mia's family lives in a small town in Oregon. Based on the actions of the story, it appears as though Mia's town is located within and hour or two from Portland. It is described as rainy and the residents appear to be a mixture of hipsters and country folk.

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