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Gayle Forman
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Medical Trauma

In the novel If I Stay, narrator and protagonist Mia Hall experiences severe physical trauma from a car accident. Conduct research on common traumas resulting from car accidents and present this information to the class.

Change Narrative Style

Change the narrative style of the novel. For instance, rewrite the beginning of If I Stay from the perspective of a third-person omniscient narrator. How does this change the story?

News Article

Look in your local newspaper or archives for an article that involves some aspect of the novel and bring it to class. You will present it in front of the class and explain how it relates to the novel.

Character Obituary

Write an obituary for one of the characters in the novel (whether or not the character dies in the story). How would this character be remembered?

Personal Funeral

In the novel, Mia's parents and their...

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