If I Stay Character Descriptions

Gayle Forman
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Mia Hall

This character is the 17-year-old protagonist and narrator of If I Stay. She is a cellist, loves classical music, and dates a guitarist for a punk band. She lives in a small town in Oregon.

Denny Hall

This character is an eighth-grade English teacher, but prior to this he was a drummer for a punk band. After the birth of his second child, he changed his appearance and style choices, trading in his leather jacket for cardigans, bow ties, and a pipe.

Kat Hall

This character works as a travel agent and is described as a tough feminist who is often referred to by friends as "Mama Bear."

Teddy Hall

This eight-year-old character aspires to be a rock drummer like his father. He is fond of his sister, her sister's boyfriend, and loves his family immensely.

Adam Wilde

This character is the protagonist's boyfriend. He is a...

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