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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Jones take out his frustrations at the end of Chapter 8?
(a) He kicks a dog.
(b) He hits a guest.
(c) He slaps Alice.
(d) He breaks a vase.

2. Where does Jones drop off the white hitchhikers?
(a) The casino.
(b) The football stadium.
(c) The movie theater.
(d) The bingo hall.

3. What is the supervisor's nationality?
(a) Scottish.
(b) Irish.
(c) French.
(d) Italian.

4. What people does the narrator say were sent away?
(a) Irish.
(b) Chinese.
(c) Japanese.
(d) Africans.

5. How was Chester's brother blinded?
(a) In a science experiment.
(b) In a car accident.
(c) In a fight.
(d) In a factory accident.

6. Why does Jones say he kisses Alice lightly?
(a) To keep her guessing.
(b) To show he loves her.
(c) So not to muss her make up.
(d) To make her smile.

7. Where does Jones say all his friends are?
(a) Mississippi.
(b) Chicago.
(c) The police force.
(d) The army.

8. How did Himes injure himself at the Wade Park Manor Hotel?
(a) He got beaten up.
(b) He fell down an elevator shaft.
(c) He stepped in front of a taxi.
(d) He walked through a glass door.

9. What is Jones and Alice's table next to?
(a) The fish tank.
(b) The manager's office.
(c) The kitchen.
(d) The door.

10. What color is the white boy's hair?
(a) Black.
(b) Red.
(c) Blond.
(d) Brown.

11. What is the name of Jones' girlfriend?
(a) Louise.
(b) Alice.
(c) Jane.
(d) Edda.

12. What part of New York did Himes' two fictional policeman come from?
(a) Harlem.
(b) The Bronx.
(c) Manhatten.
(d) Brooklyn.

13. What kind of pass does Jones get at the beginning of Chapter 5?
(a) A sick pass.
(b) A food pass.
(c) A worker's pass.
(d) A travel pass.

14. What is a tacker?
(a) A carpenter.
(b) A pipe fitter.
(c) A black worker.
(d) A monkey wrench.

15. What does the note say that comes with the restaurant bill?
(a) Jones is not welcome back.
(b) The restaurant has a job opening.
(c) The restaurant has called the police.
(d) Jones will be lynched.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jones dream about at the beginning of Chapter 9?

2. What city did the narrator move to in 1941?

3. Who wrote Native Son?

4. What does the narrator say he intimidates the fearful white woman with?

5. Where was Chester Himes in 1953?

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