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• Hinton Als discusses Himes' work within the context of two other black American writers, Richard Wright and James Baldwin. He says that Himes differed from them because unlike them he was brought up in a middle class family.

• Himes was born to a light skinned mother and a dark skinned father. His father was a college instructor while his mother was ambitious and racially sensitive.
• While trying to find his place in society, Himes was convicted of a robbery and sent to prison. It was here that he started writing, getting his work accepted in a variety of magazines.

• Als identifies Himes style as including motherhood and blaming nothing but the individual.
• Als states that Himes has a fetish for white women and eventually moved to Paris with his English wife.

• Himes eventual success came from writing crime novels set in Harlem, but thinks his early work...

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